Naturmacht Productions – 2012- Germany

Here is another production from the house of Naturmacht Productions. This time it is about a split cd of two German-language bands called AGAEL and LEBENSMACHT.

You can hear at AGAELs opener “Offenbarung“ piano solemn, very spheric sounds. A pure acoustic song which leaves with many melodies and without any vocals a lasting impresion.behind. But at the second song “Vom Nichtsein“ at the latest the laid-back mood changes to the opposite. Dark Ambient Metal sounds which move in the mid tempo area unite with melodic guitar sounds to a depressive, cold musical mass. Thereby independence in composition is a huge priority at AGAEL. Atmospheric songs which are borne by darkness and coldness receive by now and then used distinctive growls an aggressive, powerful touch. As a result the listener is roused from his dream world in order to be able to space out again the next moment. AGAEL manage it to create here very independent and bracing different songs which give hope for a new beginning.

LEBENSNACHT play dark Ambient Metal, too. They also start with an instrumental song “Geboren“ which impart a slight touch more atmosphere (if this is anyway possible).The extremely nagging and desperate emotionally charged growls is in starkly contrast with the black, melodic songs. These are located in the mid tempo area and put across the whole sorow of the entire world wrapped in notes. A gloomy, hopeless world gapes in which there is no happiness only death. LEBENSNACHT prepared very heavy musical food which contrasts very pleasently with the other mishmash.

This split cd offers a good survey of the musical work of AGAEL and LEBENSNACHT. No easy to consume songs and nevertheless they are higly recommended!!

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