AETERNUS- ” and the Seventh His Soul Detesteth”

Dark Essence Records -2013- Norway

The Norwegians AETERNUS are heard from again. After their already in 2006 published cd “HeXaeron“ they put now their opus “…And The Seventh His Soul Detesteht“ via Dark Essence Records on the black Metal market.

To describe the music of AETERNUS is a rather difficult task to undertake. Once as a pure Black Metal band on the road they are in the year 2013 long grown out of this genre. Death Metal with Black Metal influences is broadly speaking now the subject. Multi-variant riffs which may also sound experimental combine with dark sound frameworks to an independent and diversified musical mass. The gents are thereby not only at their compositions creative. The colorful mix of tempi caters for additional motion. The listener gets here therefore at no time boring. The all in all ten, gloomy, shaped full of hate and hopelessness songs exude coldness and beauty at the same time without thereby attaching too great importance to the melodic aspect. Very arbitrary, pitch-black worlds develop which exude morbidity and deep despite. AETERNUS get across intense and hard. They are successful to transfer the Black Metal in the year 2013 without imitating or seeming to be boring. Very dedicated recorded I can only recommend AETERNUS to each Black Metal fan and also Death Metal fan!!!!


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