AESTA ” From Darkness to Light”

Independent – 2014- Austria

Austria renownedly originated already several good (Black) Metal bands. So also AESTA which was once founded in the year 2011 under the name THYMHEIMR. They honour the sympathetic Metal community with “From Darkness To Light“ which is distributed in in-house production.
To describe the music of AESTA is not that easy. Pitch-black and of morbid beauty characterized Black Metal songs. The instrumental intro doesn’t show the true roots of the band. You can hear there Pagan Metal. But the second song “Und So Erlischt“ shows the real musical direction. Black Metal through and through is now the topic. Doleful and full of hate is nevertheless forego of fast trashing. The all in all ten songs (A bonus track inclusive) all move in the mid tempo area which I see rather as an enrichment than as a flaw. Melodic riffs transport hopelessness, darkness and despair. Along with powerful bass-lines as well as a powerful drumming develop so melodies full of hardness and beauty at the same time. The dark, emphatic growls of guitarist and vocalist # which are very emotional reinforce the eerily beautiful atmosphere and also emphasize hardness and power of “From Darkness To Light“. Very intense and compact songs which disclose only after repeating listening its entire multifacetedness. Darkness and light. These seemingly insurmountable contrasts are jointed together to a musical mass which touches by AESTA. Very dedicated recorded you should listen the cd by all means!!!!


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