AD PATRES – A Brief Introduction to Human Experiments

XenoKorp -2019 – France

AD PATRES from France released in February 2019 there by now second cd called “A Brief Introduction To Human Experiments“ via XenoKorp.

The guys are still able to do so! Technical Death Metal, played diversified and with the necessary speed. Death Metal riffs located in the upper mid-tempo tryst with aggressive doubleblast drumming. Solis, interspersed now and then ease a little bit without disturbing, let alone sophisticate. This unholy musical mix becomes refined by forceful bass-lines and the very expressive growls of Axel Doussaud. Thus develops a very energized mixture which steps on the gas. Here is headbanging the order of the day! A production which oozes of aggressivity and hardness. Invigorating and uncomplicated AD PATRES erres here on the side of caution which is surely wanted that way. For fans of the fast, severe kind a guaranteed enjoyment!!!!


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