Agonia Records – 2012 – Greece

ACRIMONIOUS are from Greece. Recently they released their second opus “Sunyata” via Agonia Records.

ACRIMONIOUS play very experimental Black Metal. The intro “Nexus” which initially seems to be very Ambient and calm let the listener first of all sink into rather Trance world. But this silence doesn’t last for a long time. With the second song “Lykania Hekate” show ACRIMONIOUS their true face at the latest! Darktones mingled with a lot of Ambient generate a scary atmosphere. Underlaid with calm keyboard sounds here and there the gents are successful in creating pitch-black, icy musical worlds which can’t be even more depressive and annious. It cheerful continues in the vein of MAYHEM and WATAIN. Testiest changes in speed also within a song mingled with long riffs which now and then make leeway in the Death Metal camp cause roller coaster rides of feelings at the listener. Thereby the inserted riffs may be quite experimental.Underlaid with a memorable drumming and very emotional growls songs full of hardness, beauty and hate develop here. The powerful bass-lines put the final touches to the production. Lyrically is vigorous rendered homage to the horned one. „Sunyata” got no average cd. It demands a lot from the listener. But, he won’t be disappointed here!! Technical impeccable recorded songs which are really worth to be listened to! I can only recommend ACRIMONIOUS!!

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