Accompanist – Footprints

A track starting with big and wide heavy guitars passing some calm parts to get into an energetic final.

Artist Information

To create something beautiful, with its own characteristics, ambition, and refined hardness. This was the main premise since the foundation of the Accompanist. Its realization of the five-member formation is an interplay of heavy parts on the one hand and spherical, ambient passages on the other. This explosive cocktail of stylistic elements makes Accompanist’s music a distinctive composition. Always exciting, surprisingly playful, yet stringent and light-hearted.

It all started back in 2016 – however, as a side project of David (bass), Hannes and Eric (guitars), who spent a long time working on finding a style and writing the first demos, before Tizian (drums) joined the formation in 2018 and finally Vanessa (vocals) in 2021 after a long search. Quickly the first songs were finalized and were already recorded at the end of the year at “die Wellenschmiede” in Hamburg.

The result is the four-song EP “On the shady Side” with a total running time of 22 minutes. In the process, Accompanists does not shy away from long tracks with up to 8:30 minutes, which takes the listener on a journey of unexpected twists and surprises due to the volatile song structures.

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