ABORYM ”Dirty”

Agonia Records – 2013 – Italy

The Italians ABORYM are already since 1992 musicaly active as a band. Their latest trick is the cd “Dirty“ which is distributed via Agonia Records.

The gents create here Black Metal with a difference. Pitch-black melodies are brought together with severe Industrial insertions. Thereof develops a quite arbitrary sound. Machinery sounds which are characterized by darkness and coldness make look the musical borders tripping. Hard Industrial beats are supported by a highspeed drumming. Bizarre, virtual worlds full of beauty and misanthrophy develop. The emphatic vocals make a lasting impression on the listener and insert outstanding in the overall structure. The gents know what they want and consequently implement this. ABORYM are here successful to bridge between Black Metal and Industrial music which is however well done. But, better listen to “Dirty“ yourselves and form your own opinions!!!

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