ABONDONED BY LIGHT ” Songs To Inspire Your Suicide ”

Self Released Demo – 2015 – United Kingdom

ABANDONED BY LIGHT is a 1-man project from Great Britain. Very busy concerning relases Karhmul put in March 2015 his latest opus on the market. It is here about three cover versions of NAGAROTH, BURZUM and NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION.
The projects’ name says it all here! The listener are presented pitch-black cover songs in very own interpretations without any light or hope. Very primordial and emphatic you feel agony of mind and misanthropy from the first note on. Going deep into the human abysses “Songs To Inspire Your Suicide“ is a production which goes to the limit. Hardly to bear pains in the form of notes and screams drag a lot on yur nerves and let the listener fall in a sort of dark limbo. The highly emotional screams make additionally your blood run cold. Conscious kept simple this opus is in no way something for the faint-hearted. Who is into Depressive Black Metal should take ABANDONED BY LIGHT to heart by all means!!!!


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