ABOMINANT ”Where Demons Dwell”

Deathgasm Records – 2010 – U.S.A.

Hailing from the bible belt of KY comes Abominant’s 9th full length release. ‘Warblast’ was their last release which had tinges of black metal, but ‘Where Demons Dwell’ has even more black metal influenced riffing, with death metal vocals-this release is one of Abominant’s best. Abominant is like a staple in the US Underground, if you haven’t heard of them you must live in a cave-their live shows are fuckin amazing! Eight blistering tunes on this release, ‘Baptized by Steel’, ‘Blackened Earth’, ‘The Wolves of Hate’, ‘Where Demons Dwell’, ‘Bloodland’, ‘Firestorm’, ‘Rain of Ash’, & ‘After the Fallout’-seriously one of my favorite bands, and if you listen to all their releases in sequence you can really feel their growth as musicians, and that’s what it is about right?


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