Abhorrent Decimation ” Infected Celestial Utopia”

Cold Birth Records – 2013 – United Kingdom

The Englishmen ABHORRENT DECIMATION put in October 2013 their debut cd “Infeted Celestrial Utopia! Via Cold Birth Records on the market.
The gents play Death Metal. No more, no less. Forceful, halting riffs give “Infected Celestial Utopia“ the necessary hardness and aggrssiveness from the first note on. Strong-willed and with a lot of energy provided songs which thrill the listener. They all move in the upper mid-tempo area. Diversified presented they give the production alternation and bite at the same time. Headbanging non-stop is here the order of the day! The dark, distinctive growls are yet the icing on the cake. Technical adept recorded “Infected Celestial Utopia“ is at no time verbose or boring. Straight coming to the point ABHORRENT DECIMATION get along without a lot of technical folderol. Regardless or precicely therefore the sympathetic listener will not forget this EP that fast. All in all a very energetic cd which you should have listen to! A throughout successful debut which whets your appetite for more!!!!


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