ABHORRENT CASTIGATION ”Throne of Existential Abandonment”

New Standard Elite – 2014 – Germany

German Brutal Death Metal band Abhorrent Castigation took my attention since they released their first demo in 2012 , its was also killer good demo with their 3 own songs and one Cerebral Effusion cover song.They were 2 man band in those demo times , but in their Full Length which released by American rising Brutal Death label New Standart Elite Records ( running by inherit Disease drummer Daniel) some well known session musicians also played.First of all i want to say that this was my favourite brutal metal album of 2014 , i listened it many times and really enjoyed it.About guest musicians Lille Gruber from Defeated Sanity Germany handles the drums and Anton Zhikharev from Russia (Back Door Asylum and Fleshbomb bass player) handles the Bass Guitar parts in this album.The album sounds increible heavy and solid Brutal Death Metal.All instruments played perfect especially Lille Gruber s drum performance is amazing.Very Catchy and slammy brutal death metal,which is non boring and interesting song writing going on here.The 5th song ‘Nauralistic Transcendence’ even can get Oscar Price for the best intro riffs category.Vocals are very understanable every each lyric you can able to follow that singer growls even its too low and guttural.Some unholy and dark concept is going on in lyrics and Cover artwork which done by Mighty Jon Zig.Highly Recommended album for all True Bdm Fans.You ll not be dissappointed.


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