ABADDEN ”Sentenced to Death”

Rising Records – 2010 – United Kingdom

I can say I discovered the young band Abadden by chance. I can’t get enough of listening “Sentenced to Death” (cliché, but we can’t get angry) again and again. The band’s genre is thrash metal but there are riffs like modern thrash metal sound. They used a lot breakdowns (– ups and downs) in sound. The album’s quality is very very good, all the instruments are heard clearly, they have a good quality of recording but vocals like scream vocal can’t pass an avarage level. Solos are as good as heavy metal bands’. Drummer plays as if he was not in a thrash metal band, he plays in mathcore technique which mixes a lot of genres and plays also very technically.

The first song “Sentenced to Death” reminds me of German thrash metal very much. The first two or three songs are very triggering but the tempo of the album slows down by the end of it. I think the ranking of the songs is wrong. The first six songs are really good. If they didn’t put the last two songs to the album, I could give this album 9 point but the last two songs are irrevelant to the band’s genre and sound. This gives me the impression that the band’s future works will play to the mainstream. Groovy rhythms and core parts occupy the rest of the album. As I’ve said initially, there are lots of breakdowns but this album is loyal to their roots and “killer” as the English says.

Cover of the album presents a person sentenced to death, coherent with the name of the album, a very good cover. I wish they remain in the frame of thrash metal and do not engage in “core” frequently because there are lots of them that doing so..


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