Marche Funebre Productions – 2011 – Romania

Aabsynthum is a one-man band from Romania, formed in 2004 under the name of Adrasteia as an Experimental Black Metal band. In 2007, the band changed its name with a demo as Aabsynthum. This is his second full length album, other one has released in 2009. I got this album for a while ago, I’ve been waiting right time for doing review. And yes today is the day.

Aabsynthum is doing funeral doom metal. According to biography, it is the first Funeral Doom Metal band in Romania. All instruments and vocals handled by Groza Gabriel. Songs are long, very down tempo, sad and depressive, as it must be. Vocals are strong and brutal, compatible with songs’ atmosphere. Synths used well, also some synths sounds like female vocal, it sounds cool.

I always support this kind of bands from Eastern Europe, especialy Romainan bands have their own atmosphere. If you want to hear dark and depressive atmosphered music, you have to check Aabsynthum. I can recommend this album to funeral doom metal fans.


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