A KING AT NIGHT ”Of Martyrs Blood And Daily Tragedies”

Self-released – 2013 – Germany

The German band A KING AT NIGHT put in June 2013 their EP “Of Martyrs Blood And Daily Tragedies” in in-house production on the scene.

Here is celebrated modern Death Metal. The instrumental opener alone shows this of impressive kind. It gets along quite without any vocals and leaves a lasting impression by its silence and clarity. But, with the second song “Collapsed” at the latest it is over with the silence. Melodic Death Metal riffs riddled with Hardcore elements which are presented forceful and very multi-variant are now to the fore. Thereby these may be quite brokenly and aggressive. Powerful bass lines and a drumming which comes in sustainable and brutal yet reinforce this impression. With all hardness A KING AT NIGHT however never looses their melodious touch. The vocals which seem to contain the hate of the entire world within itself gives additionally the main points. All told results in the bands’ sound which sounds consistent and professional. Technically adept recorded offers “Of Martyrs Blood And Daily Tragedies” everything a good Crossover EP needs. An absolutely must-buy!!!


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