7th NEMESIS ”Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow”

Great Dane Records – 2011 – France

First thing that you notice about a release of course is the cover, 7th Nemesis’s artwork for their cover was done by, Hicham H. at Strychneen Studio-awesome work-will make a great shirt. Bringing us extreme progressive metal from Paris, France. 7th Nemesis has been in the scene since 2001, and have many titles under their belt: 3 track Promo CD, “Chronicles of a Sickness” Split CD, “Violentia Imperatrix Mundi”-this album was entirely re-recorded and remixed to be released under the name of “Archetype of Natural Violence” on Restrain Records, and that brings us to this release.
“Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow” is a technical and progressive extreme metal hit. The riffs on, “Ashes of a New Era” are outstanding. One of my favorite tunez of this release has to be, “Random Ascension”, love the way the tune is composed and the rhythms hit home with me. “Seeding Devolution” has some bad-ass bass riffs in it, love it. 7th Nemesis incorporates a lot of styles into their musick, I can hear light touches of hard-core, little black metal, thrash, death-but they mix it and push it all to the next level. Seven massively metal trax included on this release for 7th Nemesis. I expect with summer coming up they will at least be doing some shows in France, so keep your ears to the ground for news on that. Must definitely check out 7th Nemesis for a mind altering, ear-splitting, treat of ear candy-most delectable.


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