4 Ways Of Eastern Brutality Split

We are very happy to announce releasing the new “4 Ways Of Eastern Brutality” split between 2 Turkish bands -MAKATTOPSY & REKTAL TUŞE- and 2 Indonesian bands -CRANIAL SCHISM & REVER-

The all-new CD consists of unrelenting, brutal songs by the Turkish and Indonesian bands.

“4 Ways Of Eastern Brutality” split will be released in October 2010 via Extreminal Productions & Total-Death Productions.

Cranial Schism (
01. Konspirasi Monotheisme
02. Shitting on a Crucifix
Rever (
03. Understand Death Has No Use For Time
04. You Killed Yourself
Makattopsy (
05. Proctology Process
06. Cockless
Rektal Tuşe (
07. Zile Basar Gibi
08. Analitik Geometri

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