ЛЮДИ ОСЕНИ ”Восстание”

Stygian Crypt Productions – 2012 – Russia

While I was looking for some cold weather stuff in my promo queue, I found this album. I couldn’t find much information about band, but I know this is their first album and they released a demo before. Anyway, the section that we are interested in is music.

The band plays Gothic/Doom Metal. Album starts quietly and continues slowly. Songs are variable, you can hear acustic guitar passages supported with some strings. Brutal and speaking clean vocals used, classic gothic impressions. I translated album name “Восстание”, it means “Rebellion” but if this translation true I don’t know their rebellion to what, it’s a very calm album.

I’m listening and reviewing this album at 2 am, it’s very nice choice to listen for quiescent nights. This album recommended for fans of doom metal.


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