1349 ”Massive Cauldron Of Chaos”


This album has a perfect name since it sounds that way, like a cauldron of chaos. 1349 offers to us again BM in the early style of old Darkthrone, Immortal, Mayhem and others from the beginning of the 90’s. The album which reminds me the most of this one is “Blizzard Beasts” by Immortal. The first song here on it sounds very much like it. This album also didn’t help me to like them more. I was never a fan of them because I thought about their previous releases that they tried too much to keep the old BM feeling and sound alive without offering something. Other bands proved that it is possible like Taake. OK, there are some good songs here as well like the song “Slave”, but still, it is not enough for me to make me a fan of them. I guess that they don’t try to make any new fans with it. 1349 seem to be one of those bands which you either love or not.

PetarMrvic 6/10

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