DESECRATE ”Schizophrenia!!”

Self Released Album – 2018 – Turkey

Recently the quintet DESECRATE from Turkey released their latest opus “Schizophrenia“ in in-house production The guys put the pedal to the metal from the first! You can hear here Melodic Death Metal of the more brutal kind which implies a lot of crash and rage. Severe riffs with a doubleblast drumming which is hard to beat of hardness constitute the musical basic framework. The distinctive growls of Oktay Demirci as well as the forceful bass lines give the production additional individuality and independence. The melodic parts integrate outstanding into the overall structure. They offer the listener to take a little breath wihout sounding too soft or even being boring. Partially borrowings of Metalcore show once more the bands’ versatility. All in all eight songs which sound fresh and unspent. Nevertheless, they have the necessary self-assertion and hardness in order not to be drowned into the mass of Metal releases. Surely also live onstage the killer! Listen to “Schizophrenia“. It’s worth it!!!!


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