ASCENSION ”Under Ether”

W.T.C – 2018 – Germany

ASCENSION are a band from Saxony-Anhalr, Germany. Since 2007 already musically active is now published their by now third cd called “Under Ether“ via W.T.C. Productions.

Another further Black Metal production reaches the ear of the sympathetic listener. You could initially ask yourself, is that really necessary? But, you can answer this question after a short listen already with a clear yes. Very organic and emotional performed songs which guaranteed doesn’t descend into the black musical mishmash. The extremely aggressive doubleblast drumming merges with diversified dark riffs to a musical mass which reflects hopelessness and death. The all in all eight songs are thereby anything but verbose or even boring. “Under Ether“ moves in the upper mid tempo segment by the skillful use of speed. Threby the gents are definitely playing with different musical styles (Progressive and Death Metal) without leaving the original path. The production receives additional identity and individuality by the ear-piercing growls. Very professional recorded you can hear here experienced musicians in each note. ASCENSION prove with “Under Ether“ that modern and Old School Black Metal must not be a contradiction by all means. Black Metal in the year 2018 should sound like that!!!!


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