ABHOR ”Occulta Religio”

The Italians ABHOR are truely no newcomer anymore. Since 1995 already on dark musical pathes on the way, they released in May 2018 their latest opus “Occulta Religio“. They received support by Iron Boneheads Production.

What does my Metal spoiled ears hear here? Old School Black Metal. Raw and conscious kept simple riffs which spread darkness and isolation. Together with severe doubleblast drumming and forceful riffs wich are multi-variant and nevertheless dark and come in little short of scary they musically cohere of the particular kind. The vocals which are once nagging and then again are growls are still the icing on the cake of the production. Thereby ABHOR doesn’t remain in obtuse monotony. Spiced with little melodic specles and keyboard sounds a bizarre, morbid atmosphere originates. Nevertheless the gents step on the gas which gives the production additionally bounce and sustainability. The perfect soundtrack for a vampire movie! The concept Old School Black Metal is here completely worked out. Creepy, spooky sounds which will delight each ingrained fan!!!!


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