OSSELTION ''Last Words'' (17.03.2013)

SG Records - 2012 - Italia

The Italians OSSELTION released in October 2012 their debut cd “Last Words“ via SG Records.

What can I expect here? The gents play Death Metal. They thereby sound rather brutal and raw. The fast, typical Death Metal riffs reinforce the aggressive character of the production. These are direct and poach in other musical genres. From Thrash Metal to Doom Metal, indeed Noise borrowings everything is represented here. The interspersed synthesizer sounds clinch the musical chaos. At the range speed is also strongly mixed. Sowith “Last Words“ got a very arbitrary cd for which you should take time as a listener. The dark, expressive growls of Mauro Mancinelli give the production along with the powerful drumming the necessary hardness. Clean vocals interspersed now and then alleviate this impression a bit. OSSELTION play very ambitious and involved. “Last Words“ seems to be in spots unstructured and confused by the many ideas and experiments. Perhaps this impression is intended. It shows in any case the potential of the band. But, better listen yourselves to the record and form an opinion!!!

Author: BattlePig


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