FANTHRASH ''Duality Of Things'' (03.02.2013)

Rising Records - 2011 - Poland

The Poles FANTHRASH are no newbies at the Metal sky anymore. They already honour us since 1986 with their music. Some time ago they suceeded in releasing a full-length cd. It is called “Duality Of Things“ and was distributed via Rising Records.

The instrumental intro already gives a little foretaste of the things which still may come musically... The guys also show here that the did not unlearn anything with age. It is celebrated genuine Old School Thrash Metal. Awesome, in proper style guitar riffs which go forwards mingle with solid song structures to all in all twelve energetic songs. Thereby the gents doesn't give themselves a reprieve! You will therefore here search in vain some time to take a breath or to relax! Some breaks within the songs emphasize the typical Death Metal character. But, FANTHRASH allow themselves also some small side trips in Speed Metal realms which gives the production additional variety and innovation. Technically clean recorded you hear the bands' joy of playing with each note. FANTHRASH offer with“Duality Of Things“ well home cooking from the house of Thrash Metal without experiments or musical folderol. Listen to FANTHRASH yourselves and form your own opinion!!!

Author: BattlePig
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