DRUDKH ''Eternal turn of the Wheel'' (05.11.2012)

Seasons of Mist - 2012 - Ukraine

I never understood why so many of my friends like this band from the Ukraine. I listened to their previous albums and I must say that I didn’t like them that much. Their newest release sounds better to me than their previous ones, but I am still not satisfied with them. I like the most the keyboard sound here on this new album, but the rest of it sounds too familiar and too ordinary for my taste. Some bands that I can compare to this band does it better than Drudkh. Darkestrah is a perfect example for that. This new release has 5 songs, 1 intro and 4 regular songs which are all between 8 and 10 minutes long. There are some interesting parts in it, but sometimes the band uses them too much and it start to sound a bit boring because there is not much going on in it. Maybe it would be better if they would shorten the songs. This feeling wouldn’t come up than. But I think that this album is an improvement comparing to their previous releases from them. Maybe in the future there will be an album from them that I like, but until then…


Author: Petar Mrvic


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