TRIUMPH OV FIRE ''In The Name Of Black Principle'' (29.10.2012)

Trooper Art Regime Production - 2012 - Malaysia

The label Trooper Art Regime showed once again a sign of life in form of a new release. The hardworking guys of TRIUMPH OV FIRE from Malaysia published a new opus. It is called “In The Name Of Black Principle“.
What does my Metal music trained ears hear here? Melodic Black Metal in the year 2012. Very melodic sound frameworks wrapped in pitch-black Black Metal. Hatefull songs which come across aggressive and powerful. “In The Name Of Black Principle“ is taken a lot of its severity by melodic riffs and base frames. At some parts it even develop dream worlds which sound laid-back and blithe. But these are fast replaced of dark, icecold sounds by abrupt breaks. This mixture results in a deadly symbiosis between light and shadow. Here exists an only thin line between beauty and hate. The aggressive growls and the powerful drumming put the final touches to the complete works. Melancholy and darkness unite to expressive songs which sound very independent. But listen to TRIUMPH OV FIRE yourselves. It's worth it!!!

Author: BattlePig


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