CRAFT ''Void'' (04.01.2012)

Carnal Records - 2011 - Sweden

Craft fans everywhere have been biting their nails 'til they bled, for the latest release from Craft, six years in the making. Follow-up to "Fuck the Universe"; "Succumb to Sin", "The Ground Surrenders", "I Want to Commit Murder", bludgeoning grooves, nine tales of Swedish black metal, infusing doses of punk and doom metal throughout. Gotta say " I Want to Commit Murder" is a fuckin' classic tune to me already. The bass-line is heavy and perfectly befitting this hellish release. Six years is a long time to wait for a release, they had some problems, Dirge Rep plays drums and some drumming is programmed, 'like on "Void",-I hear they are still looking for a drummer to play live. Evil release, Craft reigns.


Author: SkullCrusher


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