DEMONICAL ''Death Infernal'' (08.07.2011)

Metal Blade Records - 2011 - Sweden

Swedish death metal at it's finest, this band seems to be a mix match of band members who know great metal and have been in some of the best bands of metal today.

Great bass line by Martin Schulman ex-Centinex & Visions.

Johan Jansson on guitars formerly of - Uncurbed, Centinex, Dellamorte, Asocial, Fleshrevels, Moondark, Fulmination, Beyond, Panzerfaust, Sideburners, Hatred, Fuckface, Pyosisfied, Spritvev.

Ronnie Bergerstål - Drums - Formerly of Centinex, Julie Laughs Nomore, Mynjun, Amaran.

Sverker Widgren - Vocals - ex-Femicide.

"Black Inferno", "March for Victory", "All Will Perish", & "Darkness Awaits" are intense trax. Though a very powerful Swedish death metal release my only complaint is that it's nothing "new"-re-hashed. Don't get me wrong if your a death metal lover it's a keeper and a must get-just don't expect more than what it is-Swedish Death Metal-90's style.


Author: SkullCrusher


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