LUGUBRE ''Supreme Ritual Genocide'' (08.12.2010)

Folter Records - 2010 - Netherlands

Lugubre, pretty qualified band from Netherlands, has done music for eleven years and their second-full album was released last July via German Folter Records. The album is pretty attractive with its nice and minimalistic album cover.

Considering band members, we can see that all musicians are a part of any underground bands. I think that the success of this band is interesting with that.

They have done an aggresive black metal with warful lyrics, angry scream vocals, deathful guitar riffs and again warful drums. It is pretty listenable band with its clean recording and qualified production.

For long, I was trying to find a good album and at the and I did it. I suggest this band to people who want to listen a clean sounded and underground black metal.


Author: Goremented
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