CSEJTEY ''The Unnameable'' (15.09.2010)

Self Released - 2010 - Hungary

First of all, this album limited only 100 copies and it feels good to have one of those. I want to thank to Neverheard distro for that. This EP is the first product of the band which was formed in 2006 in Hungary, has three songs.

Band makes melodic black metal. There is some epic influences. This isn't a melodic or epic black metal band with many different instruments, though. Variant scream vocals and chorus vocals are successfull. They don't have anything to be apart from the other bands of the genre, known black metal riffs and drums... But that doesn't mean that they suck.

I couldn't understand the lyrics, which are in Hungarian. But in the album presentation, they saay they talk about cosmos, and I think the cover is related to that too.

If any of you wonder a quality melodic black metal band from East of the Europe, take a look at this.


Author: Goremented


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