MORTIFERA ''Maledictiih'' (15.09.2010)

Apparitia Recordings - 2010 - France

Despite I hate Noktu because of Drakkar, I love his musical identity. Both in Celestia and Mortifera he composed great songs. And I have to say I love Genoice Kommando most among his projects.

Talking about the new album of Mortifera, I have to tell that you cannot find anything different if you have listened to Mortifera or Celestia before. Only difference is that, the album quality got better on this and composition combinations got better too. People who listened to Noktu before can predict melancholic, stagnant and dark songs. But you may know that Noktu was involved in different projects too, for example Gestapo666, Genocide Kommando, Peste Noire...

I have to tell this with all my respect, but this album isn't so different from their 2004 album, it seems like they re-recorded the songs...


Author: Cenk A.


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