TERATISM ''Via Negativa'' (09.07.2010)

Negativity Records - 2010 - U.S.A.

Teratism one of the United States leading underground black metal bands has struck again with a relentlessly evil release - 'Via Negativa'. The pace varies from mid-fast paced, the release cover by Mark Riddick is some sick shit-gotta love it! I really dig, 'From Serpent Loins, Poison Life', 'Necrofuge', 'Hagion Pneuma, Apochoreo', 'A Trillion Slain', & 'I Am Darkness'-if your a black metal fan and you haven't heard of Teratism yet-I have only the question what cave are you living in? Hail, Satan!


Author: SkullCrusher


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