ANUBIS ''Legacy Of Humanity'' (02.05.2010)

2010 - Brazil

The first album of the Brazilian band Anibus is released by their own efforts, I think it's published on the Internet. I couldn't see any label and mail order site. The band made an interval of 4 years after one demo, then finish their new album. They do heavy/thrash metal. Not too agressive or fast, vocals are a little dirty, you can hear groove rhytms sometimes but to me, they sounded as if they are covering TESTAMENT. Song structures etc. reminds them too much, vocal is a little different, and I hear some Sepultura air on the vocals.

Musically, it's good, recording is quailty, they dominate their instruments but there are too much stop-starts and middle tempo riffs. That is bad for fast, aggressive angry music lovers, but heavy metal listeners may love that.

There are some songs that you shouldn't turn your back in the album like School of Hate,The Last Act. But song times are too long, 8 minutes, 6 minutes...It's an 62 minutes album. I don't know if it's only weird for me, but this long songs may bore the people, sometimes they use many riffs in 8 minutes song, that's cool but if you sing the chorus for 5 or 6 times, then it feels song will kill you.


Author: Cenk A.


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