INFESTED ''1000 Doors'' (14.03.2010)

Permeated Records - 2009 - Germany

The German band which is found in 2000, have released the 2. album ‘’1000 Doors’’ after several demos. The band separated after this album. And this was a really bad thing after such and album.

The album has evil brutal and deep guttural vocals also an endless tempo. Grindish and technic guitar riffs, slam riffs in some songs are nice tastes in this feast of music. In addition, you can smell brutal death metal with plenty of blast-beats on drums. There are also some different/experimental things in songs. The last song ‘’Sane Asylum’’ is a really enjoyable song to listen, as an example.

I have browsed some reviews over the net, there are people who thinks the guitar distortion is too high, i don’t know why though. I think its enough and fits the album.

Adding the sounds at the songs’ intros and outros to all these, its and album which I can recommend to people who enjoys the murder taste of death metal.


Author: Goremented


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