WHORE OF BETHLEHEM ''Extinguish the Light'' (7.1.2018)

The Americans WHORE OF BETHLEHEM released in July 2017 their already second full-length CD “Extinguish The Light“ in in-house production.

Here blur the limits of Black Metal and Death Metal completely. The darkness of Black Metal mixed with the brutality of Death Metal. Thus develops an independent musical mixture which is pitch-black and heavy. Songs kept in the mid-tempo area which pack a punch. Partially halting riffs which imply on the one hand power and compulsion. On the other hand the melodic riffs are a bit loosening. The harsh growls as well as the extremely tearing forward drumming complete the musical roundel. WHORE OF BABYLON thrill very energetic everything which obstructs. An omious musical alliance which offers nearly no time to breath air. Recorded very dedicated and passionate “Extinguish The Light“ is by all means worth hearing. See it for yourselves best. It's worth it!!!!


Author: Battlepig
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Rated 2.3/5 stars (131 votes cast)


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