AGE OF WOE ''An III Wind Blowing'' (18.12.2016)

War Anthem Records - 2016 - Sweden

The Swedish band AGE OF WOE is already existent since 2010. This year they released their second full-length cd. It is called “An Ill Wind Blowing“ and is distributed via War Anthem Records.
You can witness here the old Gothenburg school! Death Metal which is presented impressive and with the necessary rage. Little short of bombastic with a portion of melody provided songs which not only lay with sound speed. There are the calm tones (for example “Kine Weza Kuruf Konkey“) which make the difference. Thus “An Ill Wind Blowing“ receives alternation and independence in order to show the next song (“Heavy Clouds“) already how the cow eats the cabbage. Skilful gimmickry with speed and melody generate sustainable songs which burn in into the listeners' brain. The halting passages reinforce bombast and darkness to an hopelessness, dark musical mass. A veyr intense production which is highest emotional and impressive. Listen to “An Ill Wind Blowing“ preferably yourselves and forge your personel opinion!!!!


Author: Battlepig
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Rated 2.3/5 stars (274 votes cast)


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