DIALECTIC SOUL ''We Are Born From The Pain'' (3.12.2014)

Strong Music Productions - 2014 - Belarus

DIALECTIC SOUL are from Belarus. In May 2014 they released their opus “We are Born From The Pain“ via Strong Music Productions.
DIALECTIC SOUL play modern Death Metal. The all in all eight songs originated based on the Gothenburg school. Nevertheless they atomise sufficient power and aggressiveness. Modern, very technical played melodic riffs come upon an extremely fast doubleblast drumming. Thus accrues the independent sound of DIALECTIC SOUL which is nevertheless Death Metal through and through. Now and then introduced female vocals and fast changes in tempi give the production the necessary loosening up and a bit of a spacy touch which however doesn't come across disturbing. The synthesizer sounds give an additional fresh note which becomes the production. Forceful bass-lines which understand how to enforce reinforce the hard character. The variable vocal emphasize hardness and make also clear the bands' mutability. Very dedicated and professional recorded, The gents and the lady know here exactly what they want musically and have also the ability to implement this. Who isn't averse of the modern Progressive Death Metal should check out DIALECTIC SOUL by all menas!!!!


Author: Battepig


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