Italian thrash/black metal band Necromessiah has revealed tracklist and cover of their upcoming new album titled "The Last Hope of Humanity", full-length that will be released on September 23 by Punishment 18 Records. Soon new informations.
01. Opening the Gates      
02. Returned from Hell     
03. Bio Terror Beast     
04. Pedo Priest       
05. Dead or Alive      
06. Kill the Pope          
07. Arm Your Machine Gun          
08. Don't Touch My Glass          
09. Unleash Disorder          
10. Blood Boiler      
11. Goat' N' Roll     

- Necromessiah -
- Punishment 18 Records -

"Stolen", a new video from the Brazilian "alcoholic groove metal" BROKEN & BURNT was released. The song will be featured in "Stolen / Unsober", a split EP that the band will release this month along with Blackslug. This follow up to 2012's "Let The Burning Begin" album will feature 3 tracks of each band and will be available for download soon.
About the video  the band members said: "The idea behind it is simple, exactly what you guys are seeing, a "do-it-yourself" style! We got videos that friends recorded in our gigs and that's it! It shows a bit of our concerts and us in studio"

"Buried In My Bunker", the Leandro Miranda-directed video from THE UNABOMBER FILES, the Brazilian extreme metal project featuring SEPULTURA bassist Paul Xisto Pinto Jr. alongside current/former members of EMINENCE and THE MIST, can be seen below.

The song comes off THE UNABOMBER FILES's new six-song EP, which contains the following tracks:

01. Borderline
02. Dressed In Black
03. God Is A Bipolar Motherfucker
04. Buried In My Bunker
05. The Clown
06. Adjust The Timer

You can stream the entire EP below.


Cripple Bastards

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Italian grindcore band CRIPPLE BASTARDS have entered the studio to record their Relapse Records full-length debut and first new album in over three years. 

They have returned, once again, to Studio Fredman in Gotherburg Sweden to work with producer Fredrik Nordström (ARCH ENEMY, AT THE GATES, DARK TRANQUILLITY). An early 2014 release is expected. 


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Psychedelic extreme metal marauders GIGAN recently completed the recording of their upcoming new studio offering. Titled Multi-Dimensional Fractal Sorcery And Super-Science, the band’s third full-length, and second to be released through forward-thinking label imprint, Willowtip Records, was recorded with esteemed sound sage Sanford Parker (Minsk, Buried At Sea, Yakuza) at Earth Analog Studios in Chicago.  A kaleidoscopic sound voyage that is at once musically complex and meticulously concise, Multi-Dimensional Fractal Sorcery And Super-Science dishes up eight hymns of cranium-twisting, hallucinatory brutality.
Elaborates GIGAN mastermind, Eric Hersemann, “Multi-Dimensional Fractal Sorcery And Super Science is the best musical representation of GIGAN so far, as it captures the essential elements of the first three releases while still stretching the existing boundaries of the GIGAN Universe! I had more time to work on this album and the result is a detailed and mesmerizing assault of Psychedelic Extreme Metal! The production also came out spectacularly, with natural sounds and tones complemented by an un-earthly ambience and enigmatic vibe..."

01. Beneath The Sea Of Tranquility
02. Influence Through Ritualistic Projection
03. Electro-Stimulated Hallucinatory Response
04. Mother Of Toads
05. Obsidian Sun
06. Cosmic Triangular Communications
07. Gibbering Hordes Of Zemiath
08. Bio-Engineered Molecular Abnormalities
The brainchild of left-handed lead guitarist and founding member Eric Hersemann, GIGAN has been challenging the mortal laws of extreme music and creativity since early 2006. Forged around the simple notion that the imagination should be art’s only limit, GIGAN’s style of creative delivery has simultaneously invoked reactions of amazement, disbelief, shock, awe and ultimately, respect.
Multi-Dimensional Fractal Sorcery And Super Science will be released in North America via Willowtip Records October 15, 2013.

Burn After Me

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Burn After Me just finished the shootings for their new Video, directed by Davide Cilloni of Eklipse Design. The song will be their first single from their upcoming EP! Stay tuned for more news on this forthcoming Ep.

Hell's Domain

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Danish thrashers Hell's Domain's new self titled album will be released before the end of September via Punishment 18 Records.

The CD willfeature special guests appearances by Tue Madsen (Desexult, Pixie Killers, Grope), Flemming C. Lund (Invocator, The Arcane Order, AutumnLeaves) and Thomas G. Brandt (Crionic, Fusskalt).

Untimely Demise

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The canadian thrash-death-metal band Untimely Demise, have inked a deal with italian label Punishment 18 Records. 

The band formed in April 2006 by brothers Matthew and Murray Cuthbertson.

Their second full-length album will be released before end of October 2013.

Frost Despair

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Brazilian symphonic black metallers FROST DESPAIR are finishing the recordings of their debut album, "Surreal", the follow up to 2011's "The God Delusion" EP. The band posted samples of three songs on their website - - and made comments about the tracks:

"The Sixth Bell" - "A track that brings up the album's atmosphere, which is slowly being set, with growing strength and musical aggressiveness"
"Surreal" - "It summarizes the atmosphere we looked for. Orchestrations were explored in the album as a whole, but we have some tracks with heavy moments without keyboards"
"Creation" - "Creationism being satirized with movement and aggressiveness. The longest and most epic track of 'Surreal'"
The album is being recorded in Hurricane Studios and has artwork created by Marcelo Vasco (Dark Funeral, Dimmu Borgir, Borknagar). A release date will be announced soon.
01. The Sixth Bell
02. Creation
03. Thrones Of Human Power
04. Darkly Strike
05. Genesis
06. Surreal
07. Fall Into The Darkness of Illusion
08. Claim For The Apocalyptic Eradication
09. God's Nightmare
10. Slaves To Superstition
11. Thrones Of Human Power (orchestral version) (bonus track)
12. Claim For The Apocalyptic Eradication (orchestral version) (bonus track)

Death Of All Gods

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Wormholedeath Records announced the signing from Italian death metal band Death Of All Gods.

Wormholedeath will release their massive debut album titled "Different Ways Of feeling Pain" world-wide throug The Orchard via Digital Download.
Release date: 07/08/2013 worldwide via digital download.
You can stream the album preview below.

The whole band together stated :''We are so proud of being part of the WormHole Death roster! Those guys are extremely professional and they really trust in our work and in our potential; we're sure it'll be a great collaboration, wich starts with ''Different Ways Of Feeling Pain''.''

 A&R "Worm" stated: "Yes, it's true! I was so excited when Luigi from DOAG contacted me in search of a digital release. It is somehow something new for Wormholedeath to release an album via digital download only since I've always seen this idea like a great idea! It is not better or worse than a "normal" cd release ... It's just different. I see a different potential in a digital release since everything is going to be faster. Of course many bands asked us to get this kind of deal but we were waiting for the right album to make this new idea like real. In fact Death Of All Gods are signed to our label under all effects, like all the other bands, they just decided that they didn't care about having the hard copy cd on the market and as long as they were the right band to work with we said yes. Preview their song and you will understand why!"


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Italian Post-Black Avantgarde Metal band Nahabat is entering studio to record their debut full-length going by the name of Amor.Gnosis.Quantum (follow up to their 2012 Ep ‘Essence’). The Italian act’s line-up fronted by female vocalist Satya Lux Aeterna was recently renewed with the addition of Mike Crinella (already active with progsters Ashes of Chaos) on guitars, Adress on bass (involved in post-Black Metal band Deadly Carnage) and Marco Ceccarelli, an already established presence in Black Metal and DSBM scene (Deadly Carnage, Nostalgie, … DotDotDot, Dark Paranoia ecc.) behind the drumkit. The album will include eight tracks (two of them being instrumentals) and its release is roughly scheduled for the end of 2013. 

01. Gnosis
02. Amor Fati
03. Sol Luna Maithuna
04. Ex Astris
05. Tempel
06. Quantum Threshold
07. Shemittoth
08. Outro


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Kranj, Slovenia-based death metal newcomers Armaroth have just self-released their debut EP called False Vision. 

False Vision EP is now available as a name-your-price download on their Bandcamp.

01. False Vision 01:14
02. Modern Man 05:24
03. High 03:38
04. Labyrinth Of Greed 04:12
05. Cell That We Bleed In 04:56 

Armaroth is a brutal music machine that dares to deliver an experience beyond the horizons of comfort. The gears started turning in 2008, launching chaos and destruction of the mind, which were incarnated in 2013 as the False Vision EP. The EP's first listeners have reported severe damage to their perception of the world and of themselves. The machine is honoured and eager to continue its work. So far it has dominated most of its homeland stages, and that is only the beginning. Listen and test your truth. Armaroth will see you soon!

Ripping family booking and promotion is proud to announce new pre-production track from THE JULIET MASSACRE, slam / deathcore metal from VASTO (ABRUZZO) - ITA!

The title of the track is FREEDOM OF SPEECH, recorded and mixed at UnderRoom Studios, and ready for fans judgment!

Reptilian Death

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Indian death metal band Reptilian Death have signed a deal with Darzamadicus Records to release their new album 'The Dawn Of Consummation And Emergence'. The release will belimited to 500 copies and released in Macedonia. The album released on Universal Music in India on May 19th. The album features artwork done by Michal 'Xaay' Loranc who has worked with artists like Nile, Behemoth, Demonic Resurrection etc.

Commented Demonstealer, 'We're extremely stoked to sign up with Darzamadicus Records. I've known Dejan the label owner and he's been extremely supportive of the band and the musicand when he made us the offer to release the album in Macedonia we just couldn't say no. We're already in talks with some labels for a proper release for the rest of Europe, USA as well as the UK and hopefully you'll hear some more about that in the coming weeks.'

The band also recently released the first single and lyric video for the song 'O'. Watch the video below.


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 After 5 endless months since recordings started and going through laborious process of editing, mixing & mastering, the long awaited new album of AVULSED "Ritual Zombi" is finished!! This album will have a never-seen-before particularity on such an undeground Death Metal release (even never seen on major labels!!) and consists of a simultaneous release with 9 releases on 8 different labels around the world in 4 different formats:

- Xtreem Music (Europe) CD
- Seraved Rec. (North America) CD
- Coyote Rec. (Russia/CIS) CD
- American Line Prod. (Central America) CD
- Obliteration Rec. (Japan/Oceania) CD
- Disembodied Rec. (South America) CD
- Xtreem Music (World) vinyl 12"LP
- Narrowwards Rec. (Asia) Cassette
- Metalhit & Avulsed (World) Digital

All releases are due to come out in September 1st, making it instantly available almost everywhere at reasonable prices within their own territories.

01. Dawn of Apocalypse (Intro)
02. Dead Flesh Awakened
03. Z-Hunter
04. ...Was Not My Blood
05. Horrified by Repulsion
06. Zompiro 
07. Elegy for the Rotting (Interlude)
08. Unborn of the Undead
09. Brainsuck
10. Zombie Ritual (DEATH)
11. Cannivegan Corpse
12. Cult of the Living Dead
13. Devoured and Forgotten (Outro)

As the band states: "We're extremely proud of the final result. We feel we took the best decision using Javi from Moontower Studios for the mixing cos he knew what we wanted in every moment; his experience was essential. But the work made by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studios on the mastering which in fact wasn't a typical mastering, but kind of a second mix, was what definitely gave this new album an incredibly heavy, thick and organic sound. We never sounds so fucking crushing!! This is easily the best AVULSED album, not only productionwise, but also the own songs and the great cover artwork, of course!!".

A new song will be revealed in the coming days via the band's official Facebook, so stay tuned!! In the meantime, the band has organized a special pre-listening party next friday 19th of July at the Tyrant metal pub in Madrid after 20:30h. for anyone, both medias, fans and friends that wants to give it a complete listening to the album. Of course, all band members will be there to share some beers, so if any of you is in Madrid in that moment and want to have an exclusive listening to the whole "Ritual Zombi" album, you're more than welcome!!

The band is preparing very special packs both on CD & 12"LP (gatefold) formats contaning lots of stuff like exclusive shirt, signed photocard, patch, sticker, badge, guitar pick, exclusive card, poster, etc... limted to 100 units that will be available for preorder in early August exclusively through the Xtreem Music online shop.

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