Southern California's BLEEDING THROUGH track entitled "Breathing In The Wrath" is available for streaming at the band's MySpace page. The song will appear on the group's forthcoming self-titled album, which is scheduled for release on April 13 via the Portland, Oregon-based independent record label Rise Records. The CD was recorded at Planet Z Studios in Hadley, Massachusetts with producer Chris "Zeuss" Harris, who has previously worked with MUNICIPAL WASTE, AGNOSTIC FRONT and HATEBREED, among others.

01. A Resurrection
02. Anti-Hero
03. Your Abandonment
04. Fifteen Minutes
05. Salvation Never Found
06. Breathing In The Wrath
07. This Time Nothing Is Sacred
08. Divide The Armies
09. Drag Me To The Ocean
10. Light My Eyes
11. Slow Your Roll
12. Distortion, Devotion


Goremented - 3/11/2010 Top

"Revelation 666", the new video from Stockholm, Sweden-based death/black metallers NECROPHOBIC, can be viewed below. The clip was directed by Magnus af Göthlund.

"Revelation 666" comes off NECROPHOBIC's latest album, "Death To All", which was released in Europe in May 2009 via Regain Records.

King Conquer

Liova - 3/10/2010 Top

From Naples,California King Conquer has officially joined the Mediaskare Records family. The band’s new album will be recorded in April 2010 at Undercity Reordings in California and will be released in fall of 2010.


Cenk A. - 3/10/2010 Top

Turkish death metal band Decimation officially announced :

"We are very pleased to announce signing a deal with the U.S.A. based label Comatose Music. Our long-waited 2nd album "Anthems of an Empyreal Dominion" will be released through Comatose in early summer and we are really excited to be working with them and becoming label mates of brutal bands such as Lust of Decay, Blasphemer, Cerebral Effusion, Atrocious Abnormality, Being Killed, Aversion to Life, Disfigured, Sik Fuk and so on...

Hell Militia

Goremented - 3/9/2010 Top

French black metallers HELL MILITIA, will release their new album, entitled Last Station On The Road To Death, on April 30th via Debemur Morti Productions.

01.Always The Same
02.Born Without Light
03.Unshakable Faith
04.Et Inferno Ego
05.The Ultimate Deception
06.Fili Diaboli
07.Shoot Knife Strangle Beat & Crucify
08.The Pig That Became A God
09.Last Station On The Road To Death 


Cenk A. - 3/7/2010 Top

Three songs from "Ex Inferi", the forthcoming fifth album from Norwegian black metal veterans SVARTAHRID, are available for streaming on the band's MySpace page. Check out the tracks "March With Us", "Veil Of Lies" and "Scale Of Worth" at myspace :

Turkish death metal band DECAYING PURITY announced that they agreed with Sevared Records. Their first album "Phases of Dimensional Torture" is going to be re-released with 3 new recorded songs plus new layout and new artwork which is going to be done by Jon Zig.

They are working on the second album and planning to record at the end of this year. You can check back for updates on bands Myspace page:


Goremented - 3/5/2010 Top

New York underground death metal specialist label Sevared Records has announced the signing of Ankara, Turkey-based brutal death metal band CENOTAPH for the release of the band's fifth CD "Putrescent Infectious Rabidity".

Comments the label: "Sevared Records is very proud to announce the signing of Turkey's most brutal death metal band, Cenotaph!! In early 2010 they will record their highy anticipated 5th full length album. Incredible Ultra Guttural Brutality at it's finest!! You are warned!!"

The cover artwork for "Putrescent Infectious Rabidity" has been done by Studio Sho and is by the label described as "Fucking sick!!!". The album will be out somewhere in Summer 2010.

Cardiac Arrest

Goremented - 3/5/2010 Top

Ibex Moon Records has announced the signing of Chicago's CARDIAC ARREST. The band's third full-length album, "Haven For The Insane", was recorded in the winter of 2008/2009 at Kai Kauffman's Polymorph Media Studio and is scheduled for release on May 25.

A video trailer for "Haven For The Insane" can be viewed below.

A track from the album, entitled "The Blade That Reaps", is available for streaming on the CARDIAC ARREST MySpace page :


Goremented - 3/4/2010 Top

You can listen 2 songs from EZAYAH's latest  album The Morning Star from myspace page :

The Album will be released with a limited copies and you'll be able to buy the album from and

The album contains 7 new Ezayah songs. In this project Ezayah also has a guest musician on Melih Pekinbaş  playing  keyboards from GARGOYLE for 2 tracks on this project.

We'll post your the latest updates from here...


Goremented - 3/4/2010 Top

Swedish black-death heathens TRIDENT will release their debut album, World Destruction, on March 22, 2010 via Regain Records. Three blistering new tracks from the album – “Slaves To Anguish,” “World Destruction” and “Jaws of Satan” – are currently streaming on the band’s official MySpace page.


Goremented - 3/4/2010 Top

Norway’s 1349 will be releasing their new album, Demonoir, on April 27th. The band’s fifth full-length album will also be their first for Prosthetic Records, who will be releasing the effort in North America (Indie Recordings will be issuing the album in Europe). The North American release will be available as a digipack CD and a limited edition 12″ picture disc LP.

The Phoenix-based death/grind quintet LANDMINE MARATHON, whose three-release Level Plane Records discography has drawn frequent comparisons to Napalm Death, Carcass and Bolt Thrower, will be releasing SOVEREIGN DESCENT on March 16, 2010.

For more information :


Goremented - 3/4/2010 Top

Greek death metallers GOD.FEAR.NONE will release their new album, "Over Black Clouds", later in the year. The CD contains 11 new songs of technical and melodic death metal, plus three re-recordings of songs taken from the "Vultures" album, which was released in 2007 (available only through iTunes and Uppercut Music).

"Over Black Clouds" features international guest musicians such as Ahrue Luster (guitar; ILL NINO, ex-MACHINE HEAD), Steve Smyth (guitar; FORBIDDEN, ex-NEVERMORE, TESTAMENT), Rob Arnold (guitar; CHIMAIRA) and Thomas Englund (vocals; EVERGREY). The CD's cover artwork is inspired by the classic death metal releases of the '80s and '90s and is a creation of the Canadian artist Neal Blevins from the Miramax company, which has released such animated movies as "Toy Story", "Finding Nemo" and "Ratatuille".

Songtitles set to appear on "Over Black Clouds", among others:

- Becoming Nothing
- Ghost Of A Chance
- Half A Man
- War Lost
- The Devour

For more information :


Goremented - 3/4/2010 Top

Pennsylvania-based black/death metallers SATHANAS will enter 905 Studios in Ambridge, Pensylvania in April to begin recording their new album, "La Hora De Lucifer", for a tentative late 2010 release. The CD artwork will be created by acclaimed Belgian artist Kris Verwimp (ABSU, BLACKGUARD, DESASTER, LORD BELIAL, MOONSORROW, THYRFING). According to SATHANAS guitarist/vocalist Paul Tucker, the forthcoming album will be the band's most aggressive and best release to date.

01.Angels Forsaken
02.La Hora De Lucifer
03.Forged In Eternal Fire
04.Engraved In The Book Of Death
05.Battle Of Bewitchment
07.Hammer Of Demons
08.Nocturnal Reign
09.Blackest Hate

SATHANAS is seeking suitable labels to release "La Hora De Lucifer" in Europe, Asia and South America.  

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