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Goremented - 15/09/2011 Top

Deathsters "LIVARKAHIL" from Paris/France preparing to release their brand new album "Signs Of Decay" on September 26th, 2011, through Listenable Records.

"Signs Of Decay" is a concept album based on religious autocracy with production handled by Hk & BST (AOSOTH, THE ORDER OF APOLLYON) and mixed and mastered at notorious Hertz Studio (BEHEMOTH, DECAPITATED, VADER).
LIVARKAHIL's second album will please any fans of BEHEMOTH, DEVILDRIVER and ABORTED.

01. In nomine Patris
02. When hell is near
03. Quiet heresy
04. The end of everything
05. Art of bleeding (feat Franck & David of Lyzanxia)
06. ...We hail the victory
07. Above all hatred
08. The flesh of all damned
09. In light we die
10. Heaven shall fall
11. Signs of decay


Nokitokashi - 15/09/2011 Top

The past few years have seen Norwegian-based TAAKE busier than ever before with numerous tours around the world and increased productivity. With their fifth studio offering, Noregs Vaapen, TAAKE have refined their respected black metal sound, expanding this time around to include new elements. The album is filled with Hoest's trademark riffs, melodies and vocals, but also embraces the unpredictable -- more black'n' roll grooves, ice-cold mellotrons and Southern-inspired banjo.It is without a doubt TAAKE's most diverse and unique recording to date.
"Noregs Vaapen" was produced by Bjørnar E. Nilsen (Dead to this World, The Batallion, Helheim, Vulture Industries, etc.) and features guest appearances by  Nocturno Culto (Darkthrone), Attila Csihar (Mayhem) and Demonaz (Immortal). 
01. Fra Vadested Til Vaandesmed
02. Orkan
03. Nordbundet
04. Du Ville Ville Vestland
05. Myr
06. Helvetesmakt
07. Dei Vil Alltid Klaga Og Kyta
"Noregs Vaapen" will be released in North American via Candlelight Records on November 1, 2011.


Goremented - 13/09/2011 Top

The new album "Ablaze" by Slovakian death metal squad PERVERSITY has been currently released via Lavadome productions. "Ablaze" contains 10 tracks of uncompromising, brutal and blasphemous death metal. A new sample, song entitled "Blood Of Hastur", can be streamed or downloaded below.

01. Reach Of Hell
02. Behind The Diabolical
03. Merciless Messiah
04. Hailing The Thieves Of Souls
05. Devoted To Perdition
06. Necrophiliac Beast
07. The Banished
08. Vzplanutie
09. Palace Of Skin
10. Blood Of Hastur

The album can be obtained via Lavadome productions store. Digital version will be available for purchase through iTunes, eMusic, Amazon and other digital media stores in upcoming days.



Goremented - 13/09/2011 Top

Finnish extreme metal band HATERIAL has signed a deal with  Wormholedeath/Aural Music Group.

During November 2011 the band will enter Realsound Studio in Parma (Italy) with producer Wahoomi Corvi (Crysalys, The Way Of Purity). Wormholedeath will release their debut album titled "Twisted Verses" world-wide through Aural Music Group. Release date is due during the winter of 2012 and will be announched at the end of the current year. 


Goremented - 08/09/2011 Top

The Bulgarian Metal band Eufobia ( presents the official video of the "Frog" track from the latest release "Cup of Mud" 2011 ( The official release date of the album is the 16th of September 2011. 

The album is released by Wizard LTD and would be officially distributed worldwide by Twilight Vertrieb ( Just like the previous single "Cruel Child", this one would be included in the upcomin compilation of the cult German magazine LEGACY ( as well.


Liova - 08/09/2011 Top

Selfmadegod Records has announced the album from Crypticus and Scaremaker through this fall:

"This special split album will feature 4 songs from Crypticus and 5 songs from Scaremaker! This epic meeting of two horror-obsessed bands will also feature amazing cover artwork from none other than the mighty Putrid!"

"Crypticus and their brand of classic horror-inspired old-school death metal with original tales of deadly scarecrows, black magic, and an undead HP Lovecraft! Scaremaker with their horrific-thrashing Death Metal with songs inspired by classic horror films such as Madman, Burnt Offerings, and Trick or Treat! All of this and more! This release will be exclusive to Selfmadegod Records and will be available sometime later this Fall!"


Liova - 08/09/2011 Top

Germany’s Discreation band’s new ep including 3 new songs ‘Plague And Fire’ is available to free download. 


Liova - 08/09/2011 Top

Czech Republic metal act Root, has announced the band’s upcoming ninth album ‘Heritage of Satan’, follow-up to the ‘Daemon Viam Invenient’ album, will be released via Agonia Records on October 25th in Europe and November 22nd in North America.

02.In Nomine Sathanas 
03.Legacy of Ancestors  
04.Revenge of Hell  
05.Darksome Prophet  
06.Fiery Message 
07.Son of Satan  
08.His Coming  
09.Greetings from the Abyss  
10.The Apocalypse

Cannibal Corpse

Liova - 08/09/2011 Top

Cannibal Corpse has started to record their twelfth studio album at Sonic Ranch studios in Texas with producer Erik Rutan.


Liova - 08/09/2011 Top

U.S. black metal band Abazagorath has posted ‘Immortals’ online. You can check it out by clicking here.

Also the album through Diabolist Services, will be with us early November.

Black Shore

Liova - 08/09/2011 Top

Black Shore reveals about new album:
"Finally we finished the work on ‘Legion,’ our new album! Release date is the 16th of September.The CD also contains a video clip for ‘Kaiserschnitt Replikant.’ You can pre-order your copy at The first 250 copies include an alternative coverdesign-box!"

01. Kaiserschnitt Replikant
02. Black Metal Untermensch
03. BadBloodBastardBlues
04. Golem
05. Fat, White and Ugly
06. Nullvoid Hibernaut
07. Planet Ärger
08. We are Legion

Anatomy Of I

Liova - 08/09/2011 Top

Michael Dorrian, Steve Di Giorgio and Dirk Verbeuren’s band, Anatomy Of I, will be releasing their new album ‘Substratum’ on September 5th. The band posted the new album on their Facebook page.

01. Organic Machine
02. Harvest The Fallen
03. Drowning
04. Dimensions
05. Washed Away
06. Fluid River
07. Banished Messiah
08. Substratum
09. As Eternity Ends…
10. Bound In Flesh


Liova - 08/09/2011 Top

Carnifex will release their new album ‘Until I Feel Nothing’ which has produced by As I Lay Dying’s vocalist Tim Lambesis, on October 25th through Victory Records.

As You Down

Goremented - 07/09/2011 Top

Swedish extreme death metallers AS YOU DROWN have announced Rat King as the title of their upcoming sophomore album to be released in October worldwide via Metal Blade Records. The successor to the band's 2009 debut Reflection, Rat King was recorded at the band's own AYD Studio in Borås and was mixed and mastered by Plec (WATAIN, SCAR SYMMETRY, MISERATION) at Panic Room Studio in Skövde in July 2011.

01. Conqueror
02. Slaves To The Kingdom Of Fear
03. You Should Be Paranoid
04. Rabid Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing
05. Your Loyal Betrayer
06. The Coming
07. The Nothing
08. Bleeding Structure
09. Cleansing Hands 

Rat King will be released on the following dates:
Oct. 7: Europe
Oct. 10: UK
Oct. 11: USA


Liova - 07/09/2011 Top

Iranian death metal band Arsames, posted  a new video ‘Mortal Identity’ from their 2010’s independent release.

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