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Goremented - 20/12/2011 Top

International folk viking metal project FOLKEARTH's second acoustic album "Minstrels By The River", released via Stygian Crypt Productions.

01. Viking’s Anthem         
02. Beasts From The Blizzard     
03. Cataphract Legion                    
04. Lord Of The Spear             
05. Set Sails To Conquer          
06. Warrior Code       
07. Freedom Or Death                     
08. Folkearth                  
09. Сон Степана Разина (Казачья притча)/(«Stepan Razin’s Dream» (Traditional song).


Goremented - 05/12/2011 Top

Mosfet published the teaser of the upcoming CD „Deathlike Thrash´n´Roll“.

Bleeding Utopia

Goremented - 29/11/2011 Top

Swedish Thrash/Death Metal combo Bleeding Utopia have signed a deal with Wormholedeath/Aural Music Group for the release their debut album "Demons to some Gods to others".

The album that includes 10 songs of pure sonic assault and was recorded, mixed and mastered in September 2011. The mixing and mastering part was taken care of by Jocke Skog at FAL Studio in Stockholm. The artwork for the album was made by Henrik Englund at H.E.W Designs.

Supreme Pain

Cenk A. - 29/11/2011 Top

Dutch brutal death metallers SUPREME PAIN have announced the addition of drummer Eric De Windt to the group's ranks. According to the band, Eric"is a very experienced musician and was part of many bands, such asSEVERE TORTURE (vocalist), SINISTER (vocals on 'Aggressive Measures') and PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT, INHUME andDESTROYER666 (drums). At the moment he is also drummer for the Dutch death metal band TEMPLE."

Video footage of Eric De Windt rehearsing with SUPREME PAIN can be seen below.


Cenk A. - 28/11/2011 Top

Brazilian/American thrashers SEPULTURA played the first show with new drummer Eloy Casagrande (GLÓRIA, ANDRÉ MATOS) this past Friday, November 25 in Lichtenfels, Germany. The group followed it up with a concert last night (Saturday, November 26) in Leeuwarden, Netherlands.

Fan-filmed video footage of both gigs can be viewed below.

Casagrande joined SEPULTURA as the replacement for Jean Dolabella, who left the band because he could no longer handle being away from home for long periods of time.





Cenk A. - 28/11/2011 Top

Abyss Records has announced the signing of Sweden's CARNIVORE. The band will enter the studio in December to record its full-length debut for a 2012 release.A limited-edition version of the band's previously released "Faces Of Death"EP will be made available early next year. According to a press release, "CARNIVORE's musical style is based on old-school elements with a modern and progressive touch, as well as an philosophical and occult lyrical element."

Line up:
Daniel Ocic Sundberg - Vokal
Tobias Pettersson - Gitar
Jonas Davidsson - Gitar
Cedrik Petersson - Bass
Marcus Nieminen - Davul

The 11th Hour

Cenk A. - 28/11/2011 Top

THE 11TH HOUR — the doom metal project led by Ed Warby (drums, guitar, bass, vocals, programming; GOREFEST, DEMIURG, HAIL OF BULLETS) — will release its second album, "Lacrima Mortis", on January 27, 2012 via Napalm Records.

01. We All Die Alone
02. Rain on Me 
03. The Death of Life
04. Tears of the Bereaved 
05. Reunion Illusion 
06. Nothing but Pain 
07. Bury Me


Cenk A. - 28/11/2011 Top

Cult U.S. death metallers EXMORTIS have inked a deal with Xtreem Musicfor the release of a new EP and a full-length album. 

"Resurrection... Book Of The Dead" track listing:

01. Creation (intro)
02. Book Of The Dead
03. The Slaughter Begins
04. And There Was Pain
05. Deep Red
06. Parade Of Chanting Ancients


Cenk A. - 28/11/2011 Top

A trailer for "Balor", the new video from German melodic folk/death metallers SUIDAKRA, can be viewed below. The clip will make its online debut next month.

God of Atheists

Cenk A. - 28/11/2011 Top

Former DIMMU BORGIR and current BORKNAGAR member ICS Vortex (real name: Simen Hestnæs) will handle the lead vocals on the upcoming debut album from GOD OF ATHEISTS, the Norwegian extreme metal project led byAsgeir Mickelson (SARKE, SPIRAL ARCHITECT, BORKNAGAR,TESTAMENT). Drums on the CD were recorded by Trym (EMPEROR,ZYKLON, ENSLAVED), while the rhythm guitars were laid down byMickelson.

Commented Asgeir: "GOD OF ATHEISTS is the extreme metal project which I wrote most of the music for in 2008. One song were originally written forBORKNAGAR back in 2004, but was never finished, so I rewrote it and it's now way too brutal for BORKNAGAR's style. The overall style is kind of 'Norwegian black metal done death metal.' It's brutal but also very melodic.


Goremented - 27/11/2011 Top

CADAVERIA have revealed the tracklist of their fourth full length album, properly titled ‘Horror Metal’. It will be released on January 31st, 2012 on Bakerteam Records.

01. Flowers in Fire
02. The Night’s Theatre
03. Death Vision
04. Whispers of Sin
05. Assassin
06. The Days of the After and Behind
07. Apocalypse
08. The Oracle (of the Fog)
09. Requiem
10. This is Not the Silence
11. Hypnotic Psychosis


Goremented - 20/11/2011 Top

SG Records announced the deal to release the first TRAMORTIRIA album. "Wrath Among The Dead" will be released in January 2012. 
01. Dust
02. 1936
03. Earth Attack
04. World Of Fashion
05. Morrow
06. Face To Face
07. Deep Forest Night
08. Blood Buster
09. Bad News, Good Stuff
10. Scoop!
11. Enigma

You can also listen to a "World Of Fashion" streaming preview here.


Goremented - 20/11/2011 Top

NOTHNEGAL's debut album "Decadence" will hit the stores on next January 20th (24th in North America) via Season Of Mist Records.

01. Salvation
02. Claymore
03. Janus
04. Decadence
05. Armageddon
06. R.A.D.A.R
07. Sins Of Our Creations
08. Singularity

You can listen to a 40-second snippet of "Claymore" on the band's homepage.


Goremented - 16/11/2011 Top

"Digital Trap Box", the new song from the Italian thrash metaller Penthagon, can be streamed below. The song comes off new self titled album, "Penthagon", which will be released before the end of February 2012 via Punishment 18 Records.

On November 18, members from high profile Norwegian metal bands, including DARKTHRONE, SATYRICON and TAAKE, will take part in a live show called "Algir - Støttekonsert For Jonas R. Christiansen", at Bergen's prime rock venue, Garage. The aim? Raise awareness for colon cancer. In addition, HELHEIM, GRAVDAL and SLAVIA themselves will perform in order to help raise funds and provide 31-year-old Jonas Christiansen with a chance to fight the disease. 

Diagnosed with colon cancer earlier this year, the SLAVIA vocalist has gone through conventional treatment at Norwegian hospital Haukeland in Bergen but the prognosis has remained the same. After much deliberation amongst Jonas, friends and N.I.F.A.B. (Norwegian Institute For Alternative Treatment), Danish International Clinic for Cancer Treatment Humlegaarden was picked as the best place to help extend Christiansen's life. By arranging this live show, the organizers hope to raise enough money for Jonas to get additional treatment aside that which he has already received at Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen. 

Born and brought up in Kongsberg in the Eighties, Jonas Christiansen put his original band SLAVIA on hiatus and moved to Oslo to concentrate on Moonfog Productions' newly-signed band DISIPLIN in 2003. While their self-titled debut album quickly shot them onto the national and international stratosphere through their contagious, mid-tempo riffs intermittently layered around chilly black metal blast beats, it was their second album, "Anti-Life", that saw the Norwegian ensemble truly owning their musical skills. As DISIPLIN went through a variety of personnel changes in 2005, Christiansen moved back to Bergen and resurrected his original project SLAVIA which released debut album, "Strength And Vision", through Drakkar in 2007. A third album is planned to be released in early 2012 — if Jonas's health improves. 

If you cannot make this show, you can also help Jonas Christensen by donating to the Jonas R. Christiansen's fund here.

"Algir - Støttekonsert For Jonas R. Christiansen" participating artists:
- Nocturno Culto (DARKTHRONE)
- Hoest (TAAKE)

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