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Legendary Singaporean blackened warbeasts IMPIETY are set to unleash eighth studio album through Pulverised Records this May. Offering up eight grisly tracks, including a cover of Bathory’s “Sacrifice,” the aptly titled Ravage & Conquer was recorded, mixed and mastered over a course of two weeks at Studio 47 in Singapore and features cover art by renowned illustrator, Lord Sickness (Sabbat, Witchaven, Zygoatsis, etc).

Savagely innovative, technical, and uncompromising, Ravage & Conquer lives up to its name. Led by frontman Shyaithan, IMPIETY’s covenant of chaos remains impenetrable, delivering some of the harshest and most vicious brand of blackened death metal the world has witnessed.

01. Revelation Decimation
02. Ravage & Conquer
03. Weaponized
04. The Scourge Majesty
05. War Crowned
06. Legacy Of Savagery
07. Salve The Goat
08. Sacrifice (Bathory cover)

Ravage & Conquer will be released in North American via Pulverised Records on May 8, 2012.

Dying Fetus

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A one-minute teaser for "Reign Supreme", the new album from Maryland extreme metallers DYING FETUS, is available below. Due on June 17 via Relapse Records, the CD was recorded at Wrightway Studios in Baltimore with longtime producer Steve Wright (SLIPKNOT, MISERY INDEX). The effort will feature nine tracks and is "a 'return to roots,' with production focused slightly more on slam than in the band's last few works," according to a press release. "Thematically, the album is set to be a good old-fashioned piece of social and political commentary in the style of DYING FETUS as we have come to know."

Commented DYING FETUS guitarist/vocalist John Gallagher: "The last album had some groove in it, but [it] was basically a lot of tech; this one is a return to form of older DYING FETUS albums, so to speak — more modern production, though, of course. Everything's tight, the sound is crushing, the drums are amazing."


Ignition Code

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Click here to watch "Nothing Left", the new video from Italian "melodic/math/death" metallers IGNITION CODE. It comes off the band's debut album, "NewTek Lie", which was released on March 17 through To React Records.

Click here to read album details.

De Lirium's Order

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Click here to watch "Autistic Savant", the new video from Finnish technical death metallers DE LIRIUM'S ORDER (DLO). It comes off band's third album, "Veniversum", which was released on March 23 via DLO Productions, distributed by Inverse Records.


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Swedish black metallers MARDUK will release their 12th studio album, "Serpent Sermon", via Blooddawn Productions/Century Media Records on May/June.

01. Serpent Sermon
02. Messianic Pestilence
03. Souls For Belial
04. Into Second Death
05. Temple Of Decay
06. Damnation's Gold
07. Hail Mary (Piss-Soaked Genuflexion)
08. M.A.M.M.O.N. (Click here to listen)
09. Gospel Of The Worm
10. World Of Blades

Dark Vision

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Greek extreme death/black metal band DARK VISION announced the completion of their latest album "Ingrowth".  The new album is scheduled for release in April 2012.  In celebration of the band's 15 year anniversary of performing extreme metal, the album will be released on vinyl.

Click here to watch "King of Emptiness",  the new video from album.


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The members of sydney–based technical death metal band OUROBOROS are immensely excited to unveil the film clip for "Sanctuary", a song from their debut album Glorification of a Myth. The "Sanctuary" video was directed and edited by Paul Shedlowich of Plint Productions and was inspired by Colin Marks' Glorification of a Myth album artwork and the ancient Greek myth of Chronos devouring his children.

"Our aim was to create a world–class video that represented themes present in "Sanctuary" as well as the Glorification of a Myth album as a whole. This pushed us to use some risky—but ultimately effective—guerilla filmmaking tactics which took us to challenging locations amid torrential weather. Shedlowich did an incredible job of handling both the creative and administrative aspects of the production and pulled together an astoundingly talented and hard–working team of camera operators, actors, photographers, makeup artists and behind–the–scenes people to make his vision a reality. The whole Ouroboros team is thrilled with the result and we can't wait to share it with our fans." – David Horgan


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Turkish death metal band BAHT have released a trailer for their upcoming album, " In My Veins".

Arcanum Inferi

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Italian black metal outfit ARCANUM INFERI's debut album "Ars Hermetica" -nine tracks of pure & raw black metal plenty of ancestral feelings raised from the depths of time- will be out on March 23 via Black Orgon Records.

01. Praeludium
02. Aeterna Damnatio
03. Furor Melancholicus 
04. Obscura Nox Ad Inferos  
05. V.I.T.R.I.O.L. 
06. Fructus Interdictus 
07. Tabula Smaragdina 
08. I.N.R.I.
09. Silvae Viridies  


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"Regain The Fire", the new video from Finnish melodic death metallers INSOMNIUM, can be seen below. The clip was produced by Obscure Entertainment from Tampere. It comes off the band's latest album, "One For Sorrow", which was released in October 2011 in North America via Century Media Records.


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NECROPHAGIA have released a teaser trailer for their upcoming DVD, "Gospel Of Gore".


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Crystal Eyes Records is announced the signing of one of the most promising bands in Death Metal "Gloom".

Gloom is a Spanish band from Madrid who plays a dark death metal, dense and gets into the hands of Crystal Eyes Records for the release of his new EP "... Bless you all", that surely will not leave you indifferent.

This work shows the power and aggression that the band has, as the musical evolution, scenic and staff, with darker sounds and a production that perfectly reflects the music. Gloom has a 2007 and a demo LP "Mater Tenebrarum" 2009, both self produced.

For the artwork of this EP have had Juanjo Castellano, professional illustrator known for his work with Death and Black Metal bands in Spain and Europe. The cover of "Bless You All ..." accurately reflects the music, something aggressive and dark. The photographic work has been done by the professional photographer Xose Luis Frias.
 Recorded, mixed and mastered in DesmoSound Studies (except the drums and bass, recorded in VRS Studio and Coldstone Studio) in 2011.

"... Bless you all"  will be available next  April 9, 2012. Published and distributed by: Crystal Eyes Records

01. End Of The Wicked
02. Coltan
03. X Way
04. Dark Side Of Desmodromic Pantheon
05. Dies Nefastus
06. Evil Fuels (Re-Recorder 2011)
07. Moebious Syndrome (Re-Recorded 2011)


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Midwest black metal behemoths STONEHAVEN are set to unearth their second full-length offering through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions on April 20, 2012. Entitled Concerning Old-Strife And Man Banes, the album was recorded and mixed at Massive Sound Studios in Kansas City by Corey White and mastered by Mike Nolte.

The cover art -- a scene meant as a direct correlation to the mood of the record -- was crafted by the band's own Caleb May and depicts late 10th century King Olaf Trygvason of Norway and his men at the Godey Isles, torturing Raud the Strong. According to text, Raud was a priest of the local Scandinavian pagan religion, and had refused to convert to Christianity at the point of King Olaf's sword. Seizing him from his bed at night, they dragged him outside, where Raud refused conversion once more. The king decided he should die the worst of ways publicly to set an example. Thus, Raud was held down and after many attempts -- including the use of a drinking horn and hot poker -- he was forced to swallow a snake. The title in turn is meant to resemble the tongue-in-cheek chapter titles of many Icelandic Sagas. Two kennings are used, old-strife (representing historical woes) and man-banes (swords). Kennings are a type of old Scandinavian figure of speech found in Sagas and other writing.
"We pride ourselves on our theme and style," commented the band in a collective statement. "Our album is the end product of years of hard work. It captures the horrors of old world Europe: atrocity, murder, and Norse Heathenism. From aggressive black metal riffs to magnificent Viking melodies, Concerning Old-Strife And Man-Banes encapsulates a journey into the terrifying past of our ancestors."

Check out “Addressing A Scorn Pole” at the band's Official Facebook Page.


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Click here to watch "Dilated Disappointment", the new video from Charlotte, North Carolina-based metallers WRETCHED.

The song, which is now available on iTunes and AmazonMP3, comes off the band's third full-length album, "Son Of Perdition", which is scheduled for a March 27 release via Victory Records. The CD was produced by Jamie King (BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, HE IS LEGEND, FOR TODAY) at The Basement Studio in Winston Salem, North Carolina.

01. Oblivion
02. Imminent Growth
03. At The First Sign Of Rust
04. Dilated Disappointment
05. Repeat? The End Is Near
06. Dreams Of Chaos
07. The Stellar Sunset Of Evolution Pt. 1 (The Silence)
08. The Stellar Sunset Of Evolution Pt. 2 (The Rise)
09. The Stellar Sunset Of Evolution Pt. 3 (The Son Of Perdition)
10. Karma Accomplished
11. Decimation


Dawn of Disease

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A two-minute trailer for "Crypts Of The Unrotten", the sophomore album from German death metallers DAWN OF DISEASE, can be seen below. 

Due on April 27 via NoiseArt Records, the CD was once again recorded at Soundlodge Studio in Rhauderfehn, Germany with producer Jörg Uken (GOD DETHRONED, DEW-SCENTED, SINISTER).

01. Descent Into Another World (intro)
02. Alone With The Dead
03. Knife Vs Flesh
04. The Unrotten
05. Skinless And Impaled
06. Enter The Gates
07. Calcined Bones
08. Catacombs
09. Final Resurrection
10. Devouring Obscurity
11. But Death Goes On
12. Soulless Shape (bonus track)


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