PANTHEON I ''Atrocity Divine''   WITHERED ''The Midnight Gate''   BLEED IN VAIN ''Say Everything Will Be Fine''   UNERASE ''Own Universe''   LEPROSY ''Amphora'' [EP]   AGRESSOR ''Victim of Yourself''   SAKATAT ''Saldırmak Üzereyiz''   MORD ''Imperium Magnum Infernalis''   ARCHGOAT ''Whore of Bethlehem''   ANTAEUS ''Blood Libels''   NAPALM DEATH ''Smear Campaign''   GRAVE ''As Rapture Comes''   DRAUGR ''Nocturnal Pagan Supremacy''   FALL OF SERENITY ''Bloodred Salvation''   BENEATH THE MASSACRE ''Evidence Of Inequity'' [EP]   ARTERY ERUPTION ''Gouging Out Eyes Of Mutilated''   GOTHËRFALL ''Blacksphere Architecture''   ALL SHALL PERISH ''The Price Of Existence''   GOD DETHRONED ''The Toxic Touch''    TOTAL DEVASTATION ''Wreck''   SECRETS OF THE MOON ''Antithesis''   ALTAR OF PERVERSION ''Adgnosco Veteris Vestigia Flammae''   SPAWN OF POSSESSION ''Noctambulant''   MASTODON ''Blood Mountain''   VADER ''Impressions in Blood''   LAMB OF GOD ''Sacrament''   BAALPHEGOR ''Post Earthquake Age''   WITCHERY ''Don't Fear The Reaper''   SKINLESS ''Trample The Weak, Hurdle The Dead''   ZUBROWSKA ''Family Vault''  

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NEUROSIS Interview
GORGASM Interview
KAOTEON Interview

Extreme Attack - Thrash Metal  Carcass - No Love  Lost  Turbocharged - Area 666  Wreckage - Bastard   Woslom - Time to Rise  Sick Faith - Blindfolded  

Greek black metal mavericks VARATHRON premiere a brand new song entitled "Realm Of Obscure". It is the first track to be revealed from the band's long-awaited new album "Untrodden Corridors of Hades", set to be released on the 21st of November in Europe and on the 9th of December in the rest of the world. The song is available for listening via SoundCloud, at:

It has been several months since one of Norway's iconic Black Metal bands RAGNAROK announced the departure of vocalist Hans Fyrste, and since then there has been much speculation as to who will replace him, with several high profile names being thrown into the mix by fans. But until now the band has kept quiet about their choice, whilst at the same time rehearsing the new lineup behind closed doors. And now that the announcement can be made, there is no doubt at all that it will surprise most fans - because the new vocalist will be drummer and RAGNAROK founder Jontho himself, and  his place behind the drum kit on stage will be taken by Dauden drummer Malignant.

It might seem strange that Jontho, who is one of the most well known and respected drummers on the Black Metal scene, and who has played in various bands such as Tsjuder, Endezzma and Shadow Dancers during his long and formidable career, should decide on a change of direction, especially with a band that he founded 20 years ago...

By the end of next October, Brutal Death metal act VIRULENCY will hit Tempus Studios (Toledo, Spain) to record what will be their very first full-length. Tentatively titled 'The Anthropodermic Manuscript of Retribution', the recording process will be handled by no less than VIRULENCY's very own guitarist Asier Badiola. Also, the artwork will be assembled by the Russian illustrator Andrew Tkalenko, best known for his work at Daemorph Evil Art (Cephalotripsy, 7 H.Target, Epicardiectomy, etc).

In this new recording, VIRULENCY will unleash 8+1 unmerciful, crushing and virulent sonic retributions, following the greatly displayed style which was well received on their "Virulent Promo 2013", drawing up a wide musical orgy, packed with severe and ruthless blastbeats, violent yet fiercy riffages, dynamic fretless bass guitar lines and a great spectrum vocal-wise, ranging from low-gutturals to predator vokills.

In addition to that, the album will feature some very special guests that will be revealed soon, as well as the label that will release the record. The album will hit the streets between late 2014 and early 2015. An essential album for fans of the following bands: DISGORGE (US), PUTRIDITY, ENMITY, BRODEQUIN or DEVOURMENT


Just a few weeks and on November 17th, My Kingdom Music will release the 3rd IN TORMENTATA QUIETE full-length album title "Cromagia" a masterpiece which music and lyrical concept turns around the fact that music is coloured by emotions and "Cromagia" sings about Man’s emotions moulded in colours.

Here are the cover revealed and the official tracklist: 1. Blu - 2. il profumo del Blu - 3. Rosso - 4. il sapore del Rosso - 5. Verde - 6. il sussurro del Verde - 7. Giallo - 8. la carezza del Giallo - 9. Nero - 10. la visione del Nero - 11. InVento

Keep your eyes peeled for more news heading your way soon!

Ingurgitating Oblivion epiphany "Continuum of Absence" is going to be unfettered on September 16th through Willowtip Records

 IO's stately conglomerate of uttermost doom, complexity and dissonance has by no means passed into oblivion. We have been exalted onto planes one does not dare to divine. For indeed, "Continuum of Absence" is madness, bringing forth the essence of fear and cacophonous beauty. 10 years after our full-length debut, we are set to unleash our more-than-worthy follow-up: "Continuum Of Absence" sees the band build off the foundation that was set on 2005's "Voyage Towards Abhorrence". Dark, brooding atmospherics mix with chaotic blasts and riffs that will easily appeal to fans of Gorguts, Immolation and Morbid Angel.

Serbian black metal flagship THE STONE are almost finished with their new album. "Nekroza" is the seventh THE STONE album so far and will be released in October via Folter Records. Today the band has released the artwork:

Hatevömit from Turkey, Impaler of Pest from Colombia and Satan's Propaganda from Germany released an 3 way split album is called Trigon of Blasphemy,this album is released an Cd format in limited 500 copies by Black Saw Records Mexico.

order via e-mail :

It's with a great pleasure that we can announce that we will release the first Demo of the Chilean Death Metal monsters SOULROT!
"Horrors From Beyond", that is the title of this Demo, will be available in a limited amount of 200 handnumbered copies. Pro-tape and pro-cover. Official release date is September, 1st 2014.

SOULROT is a Death Metal band from Valparaiso, Chile, influenced mainly by the old Death Metal bands from Europe (Sweden, Finland, Holland). Their story starts in 1993, at least the spirit of the band itself, when JL Olmos, thrly teens, decided to start a project with him taking charge of the lead guitars. They never released any material. JL Olmos took care of other projects, played for many other bands until 2013 when he found himself writing and composing heavy rottened shit. That material was SOULROT 666% so he reactivated the project, gathered some other rotten souls and decided to keep it going as a full band. "Horrors From Beyond" is the first step

Only 30 pieces of this Demo were handmade in March 2014 by the band. All of them were sold out within some minutes. The band did an additional CD-R pressing of this Demo in a limited quantity of 100 units. They are available from Apocalyptic Zine Productions from Chile.

Swedish metal mystics BHLEG has inked a 3 album deal with NORDVIS, starting with the very promising debut album Draumr Ást, set for release during autumn 2014.

Draumr Ást, inspired by the vast mystics of the living, the unknown souls of all that breathes, melancholy and death, cosmos and beyond will come as a fresh wind of old, taking us on a journey beyond the average society, beyond the materialistic world and into a universe of wandering thoughts and twilight exploration.

To celebrate this co-operation we here present a tune from the upcoming Draumr Ást, "Solkronan" (Crown of the sun).

The fun loving, beer drinking progressive folk metal band PROTOKULT for the premiere of their beer maiden filled music video 'Get Me A Beer!' 

Czech Melodic Death Metal combo Passion For Sorrow signed deal with Wormholedeath Records 
The band just completed the long work behind the scenes to produce, record and create their debut album "Rotting Immortality" wich will be released via The Orchard on August the 19th through the worldwide digital market.

The record that has been produced, recorded and mixed by Jonathan Mazzeo and mastered by Dan Swanö will feature the following tracks: 

Secrets Of The Dark
The Phantom
Dark Seed
My Inspiration
World At The Abyss
The Day Death Left The Grave
Rotting Immortality

ONKEL TOM — the solo project of Thomas "Angelripper" Such, bassist/vocalist of veteran German thrashers SODOM — has inked a deal with Steamhammer/SPV. The new ONKEL TOM album, "H.E.L.D.", will be released in September.

Comments Steamhammer A&R representative Georg Schröder: "It was more than logical that the new ONKEL TOM album will be released via Steamhammer.

"Tom is already an integral part of our roster with his thrash metal band SODOM and we are pretty sure that we can push ONKEL TOM to the next level together.

"The upcoming new album called 'H.E.L.D.' is without any doubt one of the best German-language rock/metal albums of the year. It's authentic, musically and lyrically sophisticated and, last but not least, it's the perfect soundtrack for your next rock 'n' roll party."

Adds Tom: "Steamhammer/SPV have been our record company for SODOM from the start, and I'm really pleased that we’ll also be working together on the ONKEL TOM stuff.

Legendary Thrash Metal band Over Kill released an new video is called Bitter Pill..


Cenk - 26/07/2014 Top

Florida death metal veterans MALEVOLENT CREATION have a full lineup again with Jason Blachowicz (a.k.a. Jay Black) back in the fold on bass and Justin DiPinto (drummer on "The Will To Kill" album) on drums. The band is now also working with longtime friend, former OBITUARY and current GORGOROTH bassist Frank Watkins, as their business manager.

Drummer Gus Rios left MALEVOLENT CREATION in February due to "personal differences."

Rios joined MALEVOLENT CREATION in 2008 as the replacement for Dave Culross. Rios recorded and co-mixed the band's tenth studio album, "Doomsday X", and laid down the drum tracks on MALEVOLENT CREATION's 2010 CD, "Invidious Dominion".

New Jersey thrash metal veterans OVERKILL are filming videos for the songs "Bitter Pill" and "Armorist" with veteran director Kevin J. Custer (HATEBREED, TESTAMENT, SUFFOCATION). Custer previously worked with OVERKILL on the "Electric Rattlesnake" and "Bring Me The Night" clips.

"Bitter Pill" and "Armorist" are both taken from OVERKILL's new album, "White Devil Armory", which will be released in July in North America via eOne Music and in Europe through Nuclear Blast Records. The effort was tracked at Gear Recording and was mixed by Greg Reely, who also worked on 2012's "The Electric Age".

More News


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