WISHDOOMDARK ''Blood of the Black God''   MEHOMETH ''Discretion''   FUNERARIUM''Black Coronation''   SWAMP TEMPLE ''The Blood Of Their Gods''   IMHA TARIKAT ''Kara Ihlas''   SODOMIZER ''Grim Tales Of The Reaper''   ABATUAR/MORBID FUNERAL split   BARBATOS&HELLRIPPER split   DESTROYER 666 ''Call of the Wild''   DEMONIK ''Rise From Chaos''   CROC NOIR  ''Mort''   DARK PHANTOM 'Nation of Dogs''   BLOODBATH ''The Arrow of Satan Is Drawn''   BRUTALITY ''Antecedent Offerings''   VENOM ''Storm the Gates''   GOAT RIPPER ''Vicious Structures of the Crucified''   OPIATE ''Havok Anthems''   EXILE ''Unveiling Insanity''   CHAOSHORDE ''Hordes Rising''   SOULFLY ''Ritual''   UNDOER ''Survival Is A Myth''   PHRENELITH ''Ornamented Dead Eyes''   MASTER ''Vindictive Miscreant''   INTESTINE AUTOPSY ''Parasitic Fertilization of Criminal Slamology   REVOCATION ''The Outer Ones''   HYPERDONTIA ''Nexus of Teeth''   CARNATION ''Chapel of Abhorrence''   KRISIUN ''Scourge of the Enthroned''   OHOL YEG/KARANLIK split'' We Despise the Crescent''   CEMETERY URN ''Barbaric Retribition''  

KRAANIUM Röportajı
ZİFİR Röportajı
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AL-NAMROOD Interview
DERKÉTA Interview

Until The Truth Comes - A Dying Body  Seita - Cowards To The Lions  God Mode - Inertia  Eufobia - Graveyard  Carnage Of Children - Above The Sky  AxOxB - O Retorno do Maníaco do Bar 

Technical death metal band NILE will embark on a European headlining tour in September. Support on the 25-date trek will come from HATE ETERNAL, VITRIOL and OMOPHAGIA.

Tour dates:

Sep. 10 - P - Warszawa - Progresja 
Sep. 11 - P - Poznań - U Bazyla 
Sep. 12 - P - Kraków - ZetPeTe 
Sep. 13 - H - Budapest - Durer Kert 
Sep. 14 - A - Vienna - Szene 
Sep. 15 - CZ - Brno - Melodka 
Sep. 16 - D - Munich - Backstage 
Sep. 17 - CH - Aarau - Kiff 
Sep. 18 - D - Mannheim - MS Connection 
Sep. 19 - I - Milano - Slaughter Club 
Sep. 20 - I - Rome - Largo 
Sep. 21 - I - San Dona di Piave - Revolver 
Sep. 23 - F - [to be announced] 
Sep. 24 - GB - Manchester - Club Academy 
Sep. 25 - GB - Glasgow - Slay 
Sep. 26 - GB - London - The Dome 
Sep. 27 - B - Mons - Lotto Mons Expo Club 
Sep. 28 - NL - Helmond - Cacaofabriek 
Sep. 29 - D - Essen - Turock 
Oct. 01 - D - Bremen - Tivoli 
Oct. 02 - NL - Amstelveen - P60 
Oct. 03 - D - Bad Oeynhausen - Alte Druckerei 
Oct. 04 - D - Lichtenfels - Way Of Darkness Festival 
Oct. 05 - D - Leipzig - Hellraiser 
Oct. 06 - P - Wrocław - Zaklęte Rewiry

Reactivated U.K. thrashers ACID REIGN will release their first full-length album in 29 years, "The Age Of Entitlement", on September 27 via Dissonance Productions. The cover artwork for the disc was created by renowned artist Mark Wilkinson, who has previously worked with IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST and MARILLION.

Commented vocalist Howard "H" Smith: "I was introduced to Mark by Al Barnes (ex-VENOM) last year in Bloodstock VIP and jokingly said if he ever fancied doing our cover art, I'd let him. Fast forward months later and amazingly he agreed to do it! We are thrilled to have such legendary figure involved with our album. For me, as a huge old-school MARILLION fan, it's the icing on the cake."

As for the album, Smith had this to say: "We started recording on August 1st last year with Jayce Lewis and he has been amazing. He was badgering me to do this for months. We had two other bigger names telling us they would love to do it, but Jayce showed us when recording 'The Man Who Became Himself' that he would go above and beyond to get the best out of what was a very difficult session. So just think what we could achieve when we are in a much better place. The results are stunning. You have an old-school thrash album with a contemporary twist and a production that honours that.

He continued: "I've had the title for a long time. Straight off the bat, it had an album-title ring to it and speaks to a world view that the entire band shares, which is important. Then Mark came up with the artwork, which he really knocked out of the park. We are all itching to get this out and now you know when you'll be able to get hold of it. Not long now. Single coming soon."

Finnish Death/Doom Lords KRYPTS are set to unleashCadaver Circulation on Friday, May 31 via Dark Descent Records. To give fans a preview of this monstrous release is now streaming the album in full.

San Diego death metal band Pathology has finished recording their new album. Produced and mastered by Zack Ohren at shark bit studios (all shall parish, decrepit birth). The artwork is done once again by the mighty Par Olofsson. The album is also featuring guest vocals by Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder.

Reborn to kill will be released August 9 2019 through Pavement Entertainment.


1-Hieroglyphs on cement walls
2-Forced regression
3-The beast within
4-Frothing at the mouth
5-Empathy Ends
6-Dragged into the cave
7-Pit of bones
8-The druids gavel
9-Crematorium flames
10-Stone axe dismemberment
12-Celestial condemnation

Turkish based brutal death metal band Molested Divinity released an new video for track of ''Depths of Chaotic Existence'' taken from their first album ''Desolated Realms Through Iniquity'' released by Show No Mercy Records.

"Red Before Black", the new video from Florida death metal veterans CANNIBAL CORPSE, can be seen below. The song is the title track of the band's latest album, which was released in November 2017 via Metal Blade Records. 

Turkish/United Kingdom based melodic death&thrash metal band Gorebringer released their promo material taken from upcoming album. You can listen whole promo streaming below!

Commenting on the long journey to recording EXHORDER's third album, the band's founding guitarist Vinnie La Bella says: "27 years? Man, that's a big number! A lot has transpired over the course of such an extended amount of time, and this record touches on it all. There is material on this record that is literally 27 years old along with material that was written just six months ago, and everything in between.

"This is, without a doubt, for the first time in our career, the album we intended to give you. Production, sound, art, it's all there, with no compromise! I'm eternally grateful for all who helped make it happen. And to all that have waited for it, prayed for it, begged for it, or even dreaded this moment, much love and I'll see you in the 'ring!'"

The new, self-titled album from the godfathers of American doom metal SAINT VITUS can be streamed in its entirety below. The disc will be released on May 17 via Season Of Mist.

"Saint Vitus" track listing:

01. Remains (6:23) 
02. A Prelude To... (3:20) 
03. Bloodshed (3:04) 
04. 12 Years In The Tomb (5:24) 
05. Wormhole (5:22) 
06. Hour Glass (5:23) 
07. City Park (4:01) 
08. Last Breath (6:38) 
09. Useless (1:32)

Total: 41:07

The official music video for the song "Ögoblick Av Nåd" from Swedish melodic death/doom metallers OCTOBER TIDE, featuring ex-KATATONIA members Fredrik and Mattias Norrman, can be seen below. The track is taken from OCTOBER TIDE's sixth studio album, "In Splendor Below", which will be released on May 17 via Agonia Records.

Source: Blabbermouth


İdil Tekin - 05/04/2019 Top

Wacken Open Air line-up seems breathtaking this year!  Slayer, Anthrax, Saxon, Monster Magnet, Rage, Parkway Drive, Sabaton, Body Count, Demons and Wizards, Bullet for my Valentine and Within Temptation are just some of the bands announced for the 30th anniversary of the festival. The whole list can be seen from the link below:  https://www.wacken.com/de/programm/bands/#!/filter/name

The festival will take place in the small town of Wacken in northern Germany around Hamburg. In the year 1990, when the first Wacken Open Air Festival was over, no one would imagine that it was going to be the most prestigious metal festival of the world. As of the year 2019, thousands of metalheads are expected to visit the festival at the beginning of August and the tickets are already sold out!

Furthermore, a great number of warm up parties for Wacken from all over the world are also announced, definitely worth seeing starting from the May; one of them may be around your area. For detailed info: https://www.wacken.com/de/community/warm-up-parties/

See you in August, rain or shine!

Date and venue:

31 May – 2 June 2019 Year.
Ukraine, Kharkiv, Plekhanivska str., 126M
Art-zavod “Mechanica. Inaya Zemlya”


• Hate Forest (Ukraine)
• Saor (Scotland)
• Bergrizen (Ukraine)
• Archgoat Official (Finland)
• Entombed A.D. (Sweden)
• Sargeist (Finland)
• Harakiri for the sky (Austria)
• Pestilence (official) (Netherlands)
• Raventale (Ukraine)
• ENTHRONED (Belgium)
• Demilich (Finland)
• Severoth (Ukraine)
• Zemial Official (Greece)
• AJATTARA (Finland)
• Horna Official (Finland)
• White Ward (Ukraine)
• Agatus (Greece)
• Nokturnal Mortum (Ukraine)
• Necrom (Ukraine)
• Ygg (Ukraine)

Our friend and partner Michael Berberian will be a special guest of the festival.

Michael is the founder and chef of the legendary Season of Mist - leading French independent label for all Metal music. Since 1996, this label has followed its path and has worked with such great artists as Abbath, Mayhem, Rotting Christ, Heilung, Sólstafir, Drudkh and dozens of others.

At the Metal East: Нове Коло festival we will held a meeting with Michael for all comers, during which he will share his history and unique experience.

Meet & Greet Zone, where free meetings with bands and autograph sessions will take place, will also work throughout the festival.

What is the Metal East Nove Kolo Festival?

Much more than just a festival – we are committed to offer a complete and unique cultural event; the symbiosis of all forms of artistic expression within a historical, mythological and traditional representation of the great European narrative through the ages, cultures, and people that formed and continue to shape it.

History has been forged over centuries in many ways, and Art was one of its main vehicles, which is why you will find not only concerts, but also other cultural forms such as crafts, cooking, painting, photography, literature etc. We want to offer you a unique event and an overall experience.

Therefore this project will materialize at an atypical place, right in the center of our beautiful city of Kharkiv. We are waiting for many of you from May 31 to June 2, to honor together the memory of our glorious ancestors in a fraternal and family atmosphere, to revive the flame of the past, like a torch in the darkness.

History of the festival

Over the years, the Nove Kolo concept has united people to support independent artists.

In 2017, we held the Kolovorot Nove Kolo, in 2018 we paid tribute to the French festival Ragnard. It's time to move on and create our own festival brand.

So, in 2019, the first Metal East Festival will take place: a festival created by a team gathered over the past years under the sign of the Nove Kolo.

We will take into account all the experience gained, eliminate the drawbacks and save the best from previous festivals.


for three days: https://novekolo.com/en/product/ticket-for-three-days-metal-east-nove-kolo
premium for three days: https://novekolo.com/en/product/premium-ticket-for-three-days-metal-east-nove-kolo
ticket pack (Metal East + Warm Up Show): https://novekolo.com/en/product/tickets-bundle-to-warm-up-show-metal-east-festival-nove-kolo


ticket for three days - $58
premium for three days - $140
ticket pack (Metal East + Warm Up Show) - $77.2

(The number of tickets at special prices is limited. Then the tickets will be more expensive)


Cenk - 04/05/2019 Top

Digital Thunderdome Studios made a statement from their official page about the Possessed video clip which the studio is going to shoot  soon!

More News


BURIAL INVOCATION ''Abiogenesis''   MASTER ''Vindictive Miscreant''   REVOCATION ''The Outer Ones''   CARNATION ''Chapel of Abhorrence''   KRISIUN ''Scourge of the Enthroned''   CEMETERY URN ''Barbaric Retribition''   DEICIDE ''Overtures of Blasphemy''   MONSTROSITY ''The Passage of Existence''   RAVEN THRONE ''I Miortvym Snicca Zolak''   DESECRATE ''Schizophrenia!!''   RIBSPREADER ''The Van Murders - Part II ''   GRA ''Vasen''   AUTOKRATOR ''Hammer of the Heretics''   ASCENSION ''Under Ether''   SVEDERNA ''Svedjeland''   MALUM ''Night of The Luciferian Light''   PARADISE LOST ''Medusa''   NOCTURNAL TRIUMPH ''Into Light's Graven Womb''   TROLLECH ''Každý strom má svůj stín''   SATYRICON - ''Deep Calleth Upon Deep''   FIRESPAWN ''The Reprobate''   MYKRAVERK ''Naer Doeden''   WHORE OF BETHLEHEM ''Extinguish the Light''   EREB ALTOR ''Ulfven''   KARANLIĞIN SOL ELİ ''EP''   TİR ''Mountains''   FURTHERIAL ''Through Struggle Part One''   HELSLAVE ''Divination''   SUN OF THE SLEEPLESS ''To the Elements''   PHOSPHORUS ''Devastation''  


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