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Rebirth Of Nefast

Goremented - 16/11/2006 Top

The demo tape, "Only Death" from this mysterious and eerie project coming out of nowhere is currently at the pressing plant. 300 copies done in pro tapes and some extra non-pro ones will spread within the next few weeks. For the curious ones, a sample will be shortly uploaded.

Myrkr / Nåstrond

Goremented - 16/11/2006 Top

The 10" split gathering these two hordes (previously planned to be released on another label) will after all be released by Debemur Morti Productions. The material is recorded for some time now but the artwork still needs to be completed. It appears that a talented Irish artist was found for this task so we hope to have all elements soon as we're eagerly waiting for this release to become reality.


Goremented - 16/11/2006 Top

The vinyl version of "Langs Galg en Rad" has been available for a couple of weeks now. Co-released with the Netherlands’ Melaskhole Productions, this piece of dirty Black Metal comes in heavy black vinyl with nice, rough gatefold covers. If you don't know this Dutch horde yet, we warmly recommend you to check them out. Some say it reminds them of early SATYRICON..but since the music speaks better by itself it’s best that you check a low quality sample of it here. This version differs slightly from the CD version released by Full Moon Productions as it carries a cover of Darkthrone instead of the original Lugubrum one. Limited to 500 copies.


Goremented - 16/11/2006 Top

Myrkr have decided to gather forces with Debemur Morti for the birth of their first full length. The band is currently busy writing the material for what is announced to be their 'best material to date'.

Semper Dolens

Mystis - 11/11/2006 Top

Melodic Doom band Semper Dolens has released their first release "Eeuwige Rouw" as a self release.The relase has 4 tracks about 22 mins.Here is the tracklist;
1. Melancholied
2. Zo Stil
3. Elders
4. Memorandum
You can download all songs visiting band's website;

Die Verbannten Kinder Evas' new album "Dusk And Void Became Alive" finally released from Napalm Records.For more info and some samples,

The Gathering

Mystis - 07/11/2006 Top

According to band's post,some Turkey gigs are cancelled.The band posted today this message;
"Both Ankara and Izmir's gigs are cancelled. Istanbul is still on the timetable, so the Gathering will go to Turkey, only for one gig though...
The decision was made by the Turkish booker, it was not in control of the band!
The Gathering would like to apologise for the fans that had planned to visit Ankara or Izmir concerts."

Sorrowful Tears

Mystis - 23/10/2006 Top

Turkish dark melancholic ambient band Sorrowful Tears has released the first demo - titled "Where Memories Drown.." from Total Death Productions.The release has 5 tracks and totally running 30:27 mins.The tracklist is;
1 - Screams Of The Night In Thy Dark Forest
2 - Eternal Suffering Under Scarlet Skies
3 - Time...Wept In A Grey Journey
4 - Where Memories Drown...
5 - Nindë
You can listen to the some samples visiting,
For more information,


Mystis - 23/10/2006 Top

Turkish doom based black metal band Phronesis has released their first full-lenght album "Diotima" from Atlantis Muzik.For more information please visit;


Mystis - 23/10/2006 Top

Turkish best gore-grind band Cenotaph announced the following tour,
CENOTAPH "GORE OVER Germany-Austria-Switzerland TOUR" FEBRUARY ( 1-11/FEB-2007)
-2.2.2007 - linz, juz (cenotaph +supports)
-3.2.2007 - konstanz, contrast with fearpleasure, tremors, punish
-4.2.2007 - ludwigsburg, rockfabrik with fearplaesure, tremors
-9.2.2007 - trier(with by brute force, d.a.m.n., paniczone)
-10.2.2007 - braunschweig, forellenhof (with by brute force, d.a.m.n., paniczone)
-11.2.2007 - koeln/wermelskirchen, juz (with by brute force, d.a.m.n., paniczone)


Goremented - 20/07/2006 Top

Danish death metal band Downlord's "Grind Trials" EP will be released on August 15, 2006 via Open Grave Records. In addition to the previously announced limited-edition release of 666 copies, each copy will be individually numbered, with the first 100 pre-ordered copies signed by each member of DOWNLORD. Additionally numbers 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 & 666 will be signed.
01. Loathe. Scorn. Detest.
02. Groin of God +++ Amen & Out +++
03. Hate Brace
04. Full Scale Hatred (previously unreleased)
05. Old World Chaos
06. Turn On, Tune In, Drop Dead (previously unreleased)
07. Nailing You In

Heretic Soul

Goremented - 19/07/2006 Top

Turkish hardcore/death metal band Heretic Soul's website is now avaible. Inside the site you can find band information, pictures and also you can listen the recordings of the band.

All Shall Perish

Goremented - 17/07/2006 Top

USA based deathcore band All Shall Perish has uploaded a new song called "Eradication" to their MySpace profile (click). "Eradication" comes off the bands upcoming album, "The Price of Existence", due on August 8 via Nuclear Blast Records.

The Duskfall

Goremented - 16/07/2006 Top

Swedish melodic death metal band The Duskfall have parted ways with bassist Marco Eronen. He is temporarily replaced by Matte Järnil (ex-21ST IMPACT).


Goremented - 15/07/2006 Top

Turkish Death Metal Band Suicide is working on their new album since a while in Midas'ın Kulakligi Studios, signed a deal with Anger Epidemic Records. Suicide's new album will be released in fall 2006.

You can visit suicide's official website by clicking is also active.

Suicide will join Metal Head's Mission Metal Festival in August 11-12-13, Evpatoria Ukraine.

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