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AngelCorpse - 05/08/2010 Top

French brutal death grind band Benighted is currently recording their new and fifth album in Germany at the Kohlekeller Studio. This new album contains 12 new tracks and will be mixed next week. The album features guest appearances from Sven of Aborted and Mike of Devourment.


The Sarcophagus

Goremented - 05/08/2010 Top

Turkish black metal band THE SARCOPHAGUS have issued the following update:

"THE SARCOPHAGUS would like to announce that a new drummer (Oktay; ex-RAVENWOODS) and a second guitarist (Ömer; ex-PHRONESIS) joined THE SARCOPHAGUS horde two weeks ago and the band have started working for the upcoming album with five band members. Band is planning to record the new album at the end of 2010 autumn.

"The new album vocal will [feature] Niklas Kvarforth [of Swedish extreme metallers SHINING] again and the new work will be as killer as the old ones. Also there will be a MOTÖRHEAD cover — 'March or Die' — on the album."

Folk Black Metal band Satanized (Turkey) and Black Metal band Ancient Malus(U.S.A) have released a split album together via Egyptian label SET Productions. Two songs from Satanized and two songs from Ancient Malus are in the album. The album cover is designed by Pinar Tuncer. Limited CDs have been published by SET Productions and ready for online ordering.

Tracklist :
Satanized :
01. Infernal Torment
02. Terror Prophecies
Ancient Malus :
03. Unyieding Warth
04. Malefic of Perverse

You can order this split directly SET Productions website :

Listen some samples of this split that following Myspace adresses :
Satanized : www.myspace.com/truesatanized
Ancient Malus : www.myspace.com/ancientmalus

Quo Vadis

Goremented - 04/08/2010 Top

"Cross Of Gold", the new animated clip from Polish thrashers QUO VADIS, can be viewed below.

"Cross Of Gold" comes off QUO VADIS's eighth album, "Infernal Chaos", which came out earlier this year.


Goremented - 04/08/2010 Top

Nuclear Blast Records has set a January 14, 2011 European release date for the as-yet-untitled ninth full-length studio album from the Austrian blackened death metal outfit BELPHEGOR.

The Red Shore

Nokitokashi - 04/08/2010 Top

"The Seed Of Annihilation", a brand new song from Australian extreme metallers THE RED SHORE, is available for streaming on the band's MySpace page. The track comes off the group's new album, "The Avarice Of Man", which was recorded at Complex Studios in Melbourne, Australia by guitarist/producer Roman Koester and was mixed by TEXTURES mastermind Jochem Jacobs at Split Second Studios in The Netherlands.

"The Avarice Of Man" will be released in Australia on September 3 via Roadrunner Records. The album will be made available in Europe (via Listenable) and the U.S. (Mediaskare) shortly thereafter.



Nokitokashi - 04/08/2010 Top

Behind-the-scenes footage from the recording sessions for "Genesis To Nemesis", the new album from Floridian extreme metallers INFERNAEON, can be viewed below. Due on August 31 via Prosthetic Records, the CD was recorded at Erik Rutan's Mana Recording Studios (GOATWHORE, CANNIBAL CORPSE, HATE ETERNAL) in St. Petersburg, Florida with producer Brian Elliott. The cover artwork, was created by Brazilian artist Marcelo Vasco.

01. Into The N.O.X.
02. First of the Fallen
03. Lilith Ave. Satanas (feat. Bill Hudson, guest guitar solo)
04. Legacy of Kane (feat. Erik Rutan, guest vocals)
05. Ziasudra
06. Creeping Death (feat. Oderus Urungus, guest vocals)
07. The Scar of David
08. Immaculate Deception
09. Graven Image (feat. John Slaughter, guest guitar solo)
10. Revelations


Goremented - 04/08/2010 Top

Polish extreme metallers BEHEMOTH will release their second DVD, "Evangelia Heretika", this fall. More details, such as the DVD content, video clips, and pre-order information, will be made available in the coming weeks.


Nokitokashi - 04/08/2010 Top

Candlelight Records confirmed October 26 as the North American release date for The Isolationist, the new album from KRIEG. Recorded at Volume Studios in Chicago, the nearly hour-long album will challenge the listener with its primitive yet complex sound. It is KRIEG's sixth full-length recording, and the first since 2006’s Blue Miasma.

01. No Future
02. Photographs from an Asylum
03. All Paths to God
04. Ambergeist
05. Depakote
06. Religion III
07. Blue of Noon
08. Decaying Inhalations
09. An the Stars Fell On
10. Remission
11. Dead Windows


AngelCorpse - 02/08/2010 Top

German thrash metal veterans Sodom has announced that the name of their forthcoming new studio album will be, "In War And Pieces." The album will be released on November 22nd through SPV/Steamhammer Records. This will be the band's first studio album since 2006.


AngelCorpse - 02/08/2010 Top

Black metal act Korpblod has issued the following announcement about self-releasing the new album "Norrön Megi:"

"Hails and greetings to all of you who are reading this blog. Today (2nd of August 2010) is the day when 'Norrön Megi' becomes available. This material was recorded back in Autumn-Winter of 2009, but due to some setbacks it hasn't been available until now. 'Norrön Megi' consists of 8 tracks (over an hours worth of music).

"'Norrön Megi' will be available through the band (unfortunately only by sending hidden money or if you're from Sweden you can transfer money to our bank account), but also through a couple of labels that we will announce later. People/bands/labels who are interested in purchasing (100 SEK; 10 €; 10 $ - postage is included) or trading 'Norrön Megi' can contact us through myspace or send us a mail to korp_blod@hotmail.com. Thanks for the support."

Dark Funeral

AngelCorpse - 02/08/2010 Top

Swedish Black Metal band Dark Funeral is looking for a new vocalist. Masse Broberg (Emperor Magus Caligula) Dark Funeral official website, he said the reason for the departure from the band.

This is Caligula of Dark Funeral!

I would like to inform all of our fans that on Saturday, August 21, at the Summer Breeze festival in Germany, I will be doing my last show with Dark Funeral.

Naturally I have "mixed feelings" about this decision, but it is final!

They say that every person will have about 15min of fame during their life....!

Well, I have had a "hell-of-a-ride" for 15 years now together with Lord Ahriman and Dark Funeral.

As some people love to spread weird rumors about others, let me make this clear once and for all. I have not committed suicide, I have not taken an overdose, nor are there any personal issues between me and Dark Funeral.


My life has taken a new turn lately, and I am also getting married this year (NOT to some crazy bitch in the U.S though….Hahaha), whereof my priorities in life lie somewhere else.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank ALL of our fans for their amazing support during all the 15 years I’ve been with the band. And I would also like to thank my brothers in Dark Funeral for all these years together.

Lord Ahriman and I have managed to raise Dark Funeral from the deepest of abyss, when we have confronted problems before. And there is NO doubt in my mind, that Dark Funeral, without me, will raise once more, stronger than ever...

Thus I have spoken, thus shalt it be......

Horns up, Masse Broberg A.K.A Emperor Magus Caligula


AngelCorpse - 02/08/2010 Top

French black metal band OTARGOS will release its new album, "No God No Satan", on August 30 via Season of Mist. Albums cover artwork was created by 3-Crosses Design (Enthroned, Impiety, Destinity, WHiplash, The Few Against Many, Guillotine and many others).

01. Hoax Virus God
02. Cloning the Divine
03. Worship Industrialized
04. Hexameron
05. I, Flesh of God
06. Origin
07. Cuius vis hominis est errare
08. I, Blood of Satan
09. XXI (The Pathological Mass)
10. The Hulk of Conviction and Faith

Beneath The Massacre

Liova - 01/08/2010 Top

Death Metal band Beneath The Massacre have launched the track ‘Black Tide’ from their upcoming ep Marée Noire. The ep will be come out with Prosthetic Records on 14th September in North America.

01.The Casket You Sleep in
02.Black Tide
03.Drill Baby Drill
04.Designed To Strangle

Decrepit Birth

Liova - 01/08/2010 Top

California’s death masters Decrepit Birth shot a video for the ‘The Resonance’ track from the band’s last album Polarity. Also photos of the video shoot can be viewed at their Myspace page.

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