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Goremented - 19/04/2011 Top

Pagan Records is  announced signing PANDEMONIUM, co-creators of the Polish genre black/death metal. The band is currently working on material for their new album called "Misanthropy". The recording session will begin in a couple of weeks, with a release date scheduled for autumn 2011. One new song "Black Forest", that will appear on the album in a different version, can be listened at band's and label's MySpace. To celebrate the band's 20th anniversary  their 1992 demo "Devilri" has just been re-released on vinyl, strictly limited to 500 copies.

"Endless Violence" split between 2 thrash metal bands -Bio-Cancer (Greece) and Destructive (Turkey) - is out now via Coffinfeeder Distro.

Bio-Cancer (Greece)
01. Backstabbed Again
02. Get Cancered...Now!
Destructive (Turkey)
03. Pogo
04. Another Terrible Day

Drain Of Impurity

Goremented - 19/04/2011 Top

Turkish one man ultra brutal slamming death metal band Drain Of Impurity's first full-lenght album "Human Anatomy" is out now via Sevared Records.

01. Neuropathology 
02. Complex Spine Surgery 
03. Psychological Autopsy  
04. The Rate of Body Decay Via Insects  
05. The Identification of Remains  
06. Extreme Morbid Deviance
07. Mentally Deficient Overrated Humanity  
08. Obscure Alien Lobotomy 
09. Open All Organs and Examine Them Carefully  
10. Sew Up the Body
11. Portion of the Gastric Contents 
12. Exploring the Bile Ducts


Goremented - 19/04/2011 Top

Sevared Records announced the release of the original recording of the massive ultra brutal album "Puked Genital Purulency" recorded in 1997. At the time it was considered to raw and too Brutal to be commercially distributed, so a different cleaner version was recorded again and released. This original recording has never... seen the light of day until now!!! The Brutality the way it was originally supposed to be!! Ultra Brutal Ultra Guttural Death Metal from Turkey. Also, includes all new artwork by Mike (Visual Darkness), and sick bonus tracks including the 1996 Promo Tape recorded live in Ankara, Live rehearsal from 95-95, and the "Life Immortal" Demo from 1995. Sure to be an instant classic. Our in Summer 2011.


Montrose - 19/04/2011 Top

The English death metal three-piece Detrimentum have uploaded two brand new mixed and mastered tracks from their forthcoming album to their myspace page. 

The band are currently forming a live lineup, and searching for a label to release their new album.


Montrose - 19/04/2011 Top

Frozen Moments Between Life And Death, the new album from French thrash/death metal band Loudblast, is now available for streaming in its entirety at VS-Webzine.com

Frozen Moments Between Life And Death was released yesterday, April 18th, through XIII Bis Records.


Montrose - 19/04/2011 Top

Irrbloss, the new upcoming album from Swedish folk metal band Yggdrasil, will be released on April 25th through Grand Master Music. 

01. Höstmörkrets Natt
02. Bergtagen
03. Skaldefader
04. Irrbloss
05. Tokikvad
06. Norrland
07. Uppåkra

Brutal truth

Montrose - 19/04/2011 Top

Brutal Truth has completed work on their brand new full-length album titled "End Time". 

Brutal Truth recorded End Time with Doug White at Watchmen Studios in Lockport, NY. The self-produced album was mixed by Jason P.C. at Goatsound Studios and is currently being mastered by Scott Hull at Visceral Sound.

End Time is expected to see a late summer 2011 release date with additional album information will be made available shortly. 

Advance song titles taken from End Time include: Celebratory Gunfire, Crawling Man Blues, Old World Order, Killing Planet Earth, Gut-Check, Addicted, Drink Up, Control Room


Montrose - 17/04/2011 Top

Monstreal, Quebec based metal outfit Unexpect has revealed the front cover artwork for the band's forthcoming new studio album, "Fables Of The Sleepless Empire" which will be released later this year. 

01. Unsolved Ideas Of A Distorted Guest
02. Words
03. Orange Vigilantes
04. Mechanical Phoenix
05. The Quantum Symphony
06. Unfed Pendulum
07. In The Mind Of The Last Whale
08. Silence This Parasite
09. A Fading Stance
10. When The Joyful Dead Are Dancing
11. Until Yet A Few More Deaths Do Us Part

Hate Eternal

Montrose - 17/04/2011 Top

Florida based death metal band HATE ETERNAL, 10 May, will launch his new album "Phoenix amongst 
the ashes" released a video showing of the records.

01. Rebirth
02. The Eternal Ruler
03. Thorns of Acacia
04. Haunting Abound
05. The Art of Redemption
06. Phoenix Amongst the Ashes
07. Deathveil
08. Hatesworn
09. Lake Ablaze
10. The Fire of Resurrection

Click Here To Watch The Video


Montrose - 17/04/2011 Top

The former is no longer the unpublished EP BEHEMOTH "Conjuration" and "Slaves Shall Serve", 2-CD set will be released as a set. "Abyssus Abyssum Invocat titled album will be available in June.

Conjuration :
1. Conjuration Ov Sleep Daemons
2. Wish
3. Welcome To Hell
4. Christians To The Lions (live)
5. Decade Ov Therion (live)
6. From The Pagan Vastlands (live)
7. Antichristian Pheomenon (live)
8. Lam (live)
9. Satan’s Sword (I Have Become) (live)
10. Chant For Ezkaton 2000 (live)

Slaves Shall Serve :
1. Slaves Shall Serve
2. Entering The Pylon Ov Light
3. Penetration
4. Until You Call On The Dark
5. Demigod (live)6. Slaves Shall Serve (live)
7. Lam (live)
8. As Above So Below (live)

Drain Of Impurity

Goremented - 09/04/2011 Top

Turkish one man Brutal Death Metal band DRAIN OF IMPURITY's "Head Disfigurement Autopsy" EP will be re-released soon via Extreminal Productions/Arizali Notalar Records. It was released before via Sevared Records on May 2010.

DRAIN OF IMPURITY is a solo project that everything (vocals,guitars ,bass and drum programming) done by Batu Cetin who is the vocalist of Ultra Brutal Death Metal band CENOTAPH from Turkey.

01. Postcranial Skeleton Molestation
02. Soaked in the Fluids of the Dead
03. Dystrophic Intracranial Deformation
04. Consensual Spasm Through Homicide
05. Strangulated Infanticide Methods


Goremented - 08/04/2011 Top

''No Place For Hope'' the new video from the Turkish one-man Depressive Black Metal band Valefor, can be viewed below. The song comes off the band's latest demo, ''After The Sad Hours''.


Goremented - 04/04/2011 Top

New album of Russian/Ukrainian collaboration Lycanthropy "Instinct For Vengeance" is out  via MUSICA Production (Russia).

01. Triumph of Bloated Flesh
02. Flesh Religion
03. Renunciation of god
04. Morbidity
05. Back to the point 313
06. Goddess of Vengeance
07. Satan Legions
08. Gore Reality
09. Accepting The Darkness
10. On The Way of Emptiness


AngelCorpse - 04/04/2011 Top

Swedish black metal band Marduk's new album "Iron Dawn" will be released on the 27th of May in the U.S.A. at the Maryland Deathfest and on the 30th of May for the rest of the world.

01.Warschau 2: Headhunter Halfmoon. 
02.Wacht Am Rhein: Drumbeats Of Death. 
03.Prochorovka: Blood And Sunflowers.

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